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CREAM Crowdsale and Cream coin project, will focus on helping, promoting and funding crypto startups, inovations and entrepreneurs ideas, developing their own projects. In the same time we will offer to above mentioned individuals and companies to invest in their startups and ideas to help them pursue their goals. Accepting submissions with included either your business plan or executive summary for proper consideration. CREAM blockchain technology solutions, algorithm infrastructure enhancements, worldwide startup support and investments as well as our dedicated CREAM TEAM, will provide stable and reliable trading volume, generating massive liquidity, which will bring CREAM to a whole new value level. Our team will invest in multiple 3rd party projects with our CREAM line. The proceeds from 3rd party projects of every single CREAM LINE will support our asset, with a different procentage from the contracts.

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CREAMcoin is based on Cream protocol which is based on Bitcoin open source code, a state that deffines correct agreement between the nodes in the network.


Conclusion on ourselves for the past 3 years, interest and development on blockchain based transactions in order to process payments on simple and cheapest possible way. Development that requires certain technical challenges to be overcome and proceed, in order to be decentralized. Beginning of CREAM is by deffining Cream protocol, a state that deffines correct agreement between the nodes in the network, creating X11 algorithm. With this algorithm, our developers goal is achived in the most possible way to be applied between the nodes, creating most secure valid transactions. The collection of multiple secure transactions in a block, and well order of those blocks - blockchain, in this case modified Bitcoin base altchain, is creating asset or digital property CREAM cryptocurrency.

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