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Market Cap $ 362.574 MM (#50)
24h Volume $ 932.867 K
Chg. 24h: 0.01%
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Counos X purpose and aspects

Counos X is a coin which has been developed according to Litecoin version 17.1. It was designed to facilitate payments and clearing purchase invoices, especially for easy exchange with fiat money. While its price is determined in the market, attempts will be made to prevent its value from fluctuating too much.

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Digital currencyCyber securityPrivacyPayments

Short description

Counos X is a coin which has been developed according to the newest version of Litecoin. This coin is introduced with the purpose of offering the latest most popular services in cryptocurrencies payment.


Counos X, is a suitable coin for financial transactions which has been developed based on newest version (17.1)of LiteCoin. Due to the high speed of the network, this cryptocurrency that generates a new block in 2.5 minutes on average, can make the transactions of users in a short time.Moreover, its validation method is the Proof of WorkAll active nodes in this network work based on this code and all parts use these generated new capabilities.Supporting Segregated Witness protocol (with the short form of SegWit) which has been offered to protect against transaction malleability and increase blocks capacity,is among the features of this cryptocurrency.

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