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Market Cap $ 1.158 MM (#769)
24h Volume $ 4.305 K
Chg. 24h: 4.97%
Algo. score 3.3/5  (#287)
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Bulwark is a privacy-oriented coin with masternodes, governance, and an evolving ecosystem of tools.

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Bulwark (Ticker: BWK) is a privacy oriented digital currency with Masternodes implemented. Bulwark offers both PrivateSend and InstantSend to enable speedy transactions with a See-Saw Rewards Mechanism to promote strong network security after the Proof of Work phase.


Bulwark (ticker: BWK) is a community-oriented coin born out of an observation of generally unfair practices within the masternode privacy coin space. Our deliberate, fair, launch strategy allows participants the opportunity to join a promising project at inception. We offer a simple value proposition with no grandiose promise: we will deliver a privacy coin that works today and into the future by leveraging best-practices from both DASH and PIVX. No fanciful visions with a limited prospect of delivery, but a working coin on a working platform with support into the future. This does not mean we plan no innovation, but instead that we will deliver results rather than hype. There are too many coins that are fueled by hype - but completely devoid of substance - and we do not want to join the growing cadre of coins driven by the motto of overpromise and under deliver. With no ICO, a soft-launch reward ramp, small premine, and miner-favored block reward allocations, Bulwark adopters will have ground-floor access to a privacy coin offering a blend of masternodes and the best available privacy coin technology alongside a meaningful development roadmap. Masternodes will be available, and functioning, on launch and are a fundamental part of this coin’s vision and will stabilize circulation, secure the network, and provide important functionality.

Link to Roadmap: https://bulwarkcrypto.com/roadmap/
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