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Blocknet Blocknet
3.9/5 BLOCK
$17.58 MC  $ 88.96 MM

Blocknet project purpose and description

Blocknet purpose and aspects

interoperability between blockchains, peer-to-peer protocol between nodes on different blockchains, no central or core currency and is thus a truly open inter-blockchain framework that can be extended as widely as the internet

Short description

The Blocknet is a revolutionary advancement in cryptographic technology: a true peer-to-peer protocol between nodes on different blockchains. This is the foundation of a technology stack incorporating an API and an application platform, which enables open-ended application possibilities and vastly reduces development time.


The Blocknet is infrastructure for the coming "inter-blockchain era", an emerging technology epoch characterised primarily by the superseding of the current API ecosystem with an intrinsically monetizable "token ecosystem".

Link to Roadmap: https://blocknetprotocol.com/#roadmap
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