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$14.77 Price
-0.5% % 24h
-1.8% % 1h
$1,462,011,020 Mkt. Cap
$160,115,000 Vol. 24h
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Binance Coin project purpose and description

Binance Coin purpose and aspects

High performance exchange, Discounted currency exchange platform trading fees if fees are paid in binance, Up to 1.4 million single / s high performance matching engine technology, Multi-platform coverage Support Web, iOS, Android, H5, WeChat, PC client, Multi - layer, multi - cluster system architecture, Every quarter 20% of profits are used to buy back BNB and destroy them, until 50% of all BNB tokens are bought back (100M)

Short description

The currency trading platform is a trading platform created by a group of digital asset lovers led by Zhao Changpeng (CZ) to focus on the chain of chain assets. To provide users with more secure and convenient block-chain asset exchange services, polymerization of global high-quality block chain assets, is committed to creating a world-class block chain asset trading platform.

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