Aurora AOA

Market Cap $ 42.375 MM (#205)
24h Volume $ 11.063 MM
Chg. 24h: 1.27%
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Aurora project purpose and description

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Aurora makes a breakthrough in the Blockchain world. By applying DPOS+BFT consensus mechanisms, we create lightning-fast contracts to link industries such as gaming, big data, artificial intelligence and IoT. Aurora offers unique intelligent application isolation, enabling multi-chain parallel expansion and an unlimited increase of TPS with guaranteed security.


Aurora Chain applies DPOS+BFT consensus mechanisms and contracts with “speed of light” operation rate to link industries such as games, big data, AI and IoT. Aurora Chain’s slogan is to build a wonderful and colorful Blockchain world shining like aurora. Aurora Chain offers intelligent application isolation and enables multi-chain parallel expansion to create an extremely high TPS with security maintain. In this way, Aurora Chain ushers in a breakthrough into the Blockchain world. To accomplish this mission, Aurora Chain has developed a number of techniques: DPOS+BFT consensus mechanisms can lower the risks of forking based on fast-working consensus mechanisms; P2P Stereo-net enables fast and secure communications by network layering; proprietary application isolation and Pending Zone intelligent regulation ensures that no inter-effects happen between the applications; multi-chain parallel operation and horizontal expansion enable unlimited increase of TPS; multi-asset launching simplifies the procedure of asset launching and provides high processing speed and the capability to expand to same level as the main chain coins; upgradable blockchain supports automatic upgrading; cluster self-grouping technology enables verification of transactions and downsizes users’ costs of data storage. Aurora Chain commits itself to increasing operation speed and to create a blockchain technology born for applications. It does so by providing a solution to many common blockchain difficulties. Aurora Chain will help link all industries, promote the creation of applications, and build a colorful Blockchain world!

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