Ardor ARDR

Market Cap $ 396.966 MM
24h Volume $ 7.778 MM
Chg. 24h: 5.77%
Algo. score 3.2/5  (#258)
ARDR/USD $0.3974
ARDR/BTC 0.00004446
ARDR/ETH 0.00061535
Market cap $396,966,435
24h volume $7,777,660
Created with Highstock 5.0.1426. Mar2. Apr9. Apr16. Apr23. Apr
1 hour -0.01%
30 days 38.67% N/A
90 days -59.70% N/A
Winning months 67.00% N/A
Max. drawdown in a day -58.53% N/A
All time high (USD) $2.55
All time high (BTC) 0.0002
30 days volatility 36.86%
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Open communication channels 100%
Team strength 43%
Product strength 78%
Github 0%
Coin strength 86%
Brand awareness/Buzz 80%
Advisory board strength 50%
Activity on social media 90%
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Circulating supply 998,999,495
Total supply 998,999,495
Max supply 998,999,495
Product status Alpha version
Org. structure Semi-centralized
Consensus method Proof of stake
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Technical Analysis (Beta // 1 Day)

Created with Highstock 5.0.14Strong sellSellNeutralBuyStrong Buy
  • 9 Sell
  • 8 Neutral
  • 9 Buy
RSI (14) 78.18 SELL
Stoch RSI (14) 79.70 NEUTRAL
Stochastic Fast (14) 86.89 SELL
Commodity Channel Index (20) 66.67 NEUTRAL
Average Directional Index (14) 42.14 SELL
Awesome Oscillator (5, 34) 0.09 NEUTRAL
Momentum (10) 0.09 NEUTRAL
MACD (12, 26) 0.01 NEUTRAL
Williams Percent Range (14) -13.11 SELL
Ultimate Oscillator (7, 14, 28) 58.54 NEUTRAL
VWMA (10) 0.35 BUY
Hull Moving Average (9) 0.41 SELL
Ichimoku Cloud B/L (9, 26, 52, 26) 0.31 NEUTRAL
SMA (10) 0.35 BUY
EMA (10) 0.35 BUY
SMA (20) 0.30 BUY
EMA (20) 0.32 BUY
SMA (30) 0.28 BUY
EMA (30) 0.32 BUY
SMA (50) 0.29 BUY
EMA (50) 0.35 BUY
SMA (100) 0.54 SELL
EMA (100) 0.46 SELL
SMA (200) 0.60 SELL
EMA (200) 0.51 SELL
Updated on Sunday, April 22nd 2018
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Ardor is a blockchain-as-a-service platform that will allow people to utilize the blockchain technology of Nxt through the use of child chains. Since all processing will be done on the Ardor main chain, child chain creators won’t need to worry about common issues when creating a blockchain as well as securing it with enough nodes. Child chains will be able to utilize features currently seen in Nxt such as decentralized phasing, voting, and trading, as well as be able to interact with other child chains on the platform, including IGNIS, the first child chain to be launched.

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