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Aragon project purpose and description

Aragon clarity of purpose

Aragon purpose and aspects

Build decentralized organisations, automatic accounting, Vote every decision, democratic organistations, assign roles, by laws, digital juristritions, raise capital, own and transfer shares

Short description

Aragon is a dApp that lets anyone create and manage any kind of organization (companies, open source projects, NGOs, foundations, hedge funds...) on the Ethereum blockchain. Aragon implements basic features of an organization like a cap table, token transfers, voting, role assignments, fundraising, and accounting. The behavior of an Aragon organization is easily customized by changing the bylaws. In addition, Aragon organizations are extensible through third party modules that interact with the organizations' contracts.


The Aragon Network is a token-governed digital jurisdiction that focuses on creating the best conditions for true global indiscriminatory economic growth. Essentially, the Aragon Network is an ecosystem where organizations, entrepreneurs, and investors can efficiently and securely transact without risk of technical bugs or malicious parties. Aragon Network organizations will be built using Aragon Core, a Solidity DAO framework and web-based decentralized app (dApp). Initially, Aragon Core will specialize in capitalist companies but is modular enough to accommodate other types of organizations. This paper first discusses the principles of an organization and the functions of Aragon Core. Next, Aragon Network’s token model and network governance will be explained. Finally, it defines the two principal services the Aragon Network should implement to ensure its success; a decentralized court solution and an upgrade mechanism. The decentralized court solution will serve to arbitrate human conflict beyond what can be reasonably written in a smart contract. The upgrade mechanism for Aragon Core organizations will facilitate useful upgrades needed to drive mainstream adoption by non-technical users.

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