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Apex purpose and aspects

APEX is a blockchain-powered data and interactions exchange that passes value and data ownership back to the consumer, as well as increasing marketing effectiveness, data quality, and customer loyalty for the enterprise. All transactions on the platform will use the CPX token. APEX will use NEO as its blockchain. Three fundamental aspects must go together to ensure the long-term success of the project: 1) the technology itself and the extent in which it can solve the problem it was set out to tackle 2) speed to market and the real-world adoption rate of the technology (and the levers you set and create that act as catalysts) 3) the actual value delivered in a timely manner (in other words long-term sustainability of the project).

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MarketplaceNetworkingSmart contracts

Short description

APEX is the blockchain infrastructure for next-generation of consumer applications, helping solve and optimize incumbent problems in consumer internet and B2C interactions. APEX provides an enterprise blockchain solution for agile creation of custom dApps with increased privacy and ownership of data, interactivity of consumer experiences, and connectivity of value.


The business to consumer (B2C) market is one of the largest global mega-verticals, with B2C ecommerce (excluding brick-and-mortar) alone expected to reach a size of $3,940 billion by 2022. Other than core business competencies, differentiation strategies, supply chain, product offerings, and competitive strategy, a large part of the success of a B2C enterprise has to do with managing the customer lifecycle - this includes marketing, branding, CRM, customer experience optimization, and maximizing customer lifetime value (CLV). The next generation of best practice B2C lifecycle management hinges upon 2 main areas: data and B2C interactions. Despite the proliferation of big data, marketing technology, marketing channels, and artificial intelligence, customer data and customer engagement remain ridden with problems. In the aspect of consumer data, problems have arisen from massive centralization and data hoarding by 3rd parties. And for B2C engagement, the centralization of marketing and communication channels, as well as ineffective customer loyalty and CRM strategies and tools. These are in a sense technology problems, but they are also problems relating to the structure and nature of the B2C interactions. Centralization of data and interactions has created efficiencies, breakthroughs, and network effects, but up to a certain extent they start creating bottlenecks and interactions and relationships become one sided. The goal of APEX Network is through proprietary blockchain technology, foster deeper 1-to-1 B2C relationships, by giving enterprises newer optimized ways to approach marketing, CRM, loyalty, and customer experience, and at the same time maximizing value obtained by the consumer in all B2C interactions.

Link to Roadmap: http://cdn.chinapex.com.cn/med/videos/to/APEX-Development-Plan-eng.pdf
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