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Aion project purpose and description

Aion clarity of purpose

Aion purpose and aspects

Blockchain 3.0. Aims to create a protocol that connects all other blockchains as well as becoming the platform for the creation of new ones. DApps support system. Mainstream adoption of blockchains has been limited because of scalability, privacy, and interoperability challenges. Aion is the firstmulti-tier blockchain network designed to address these challenges.

Aion additional differentiation against competition

The Aion multi-tier blockchain network is like a computer network, providing a protocol and standard for dissimilar systems to com-municate. However, in addition to information, the Aion network will pass logic and value among participating blockchains to create acontiguous value chain where every transaction occurs on-chain, with logic and value passing among chains as freely as liquid assets. The team behind Aion has been particularly close to several large-scale enterprise projects, where the challenges outlinedpreviously are significantly pronounced. The Aion network is designed to overcome these challenges, and to propose a solution thatwill enable blockchain applications to achieve their full intended potential. In our research and development of Aion to date, we werefortunatetocomeacrossincrediblefindingsandexperimentsfromleadingthinkersandresearchersworkingoncomplementaryconcepts.

Short description

Aion network aims to provide a multi-tier blockchain system to improve the scalability, privacy, and interoperability of the blockchain. The Aion Network is designed to support custom blockchain architectures while providing a mechanism for cross-chain interoperability. The AION token is the fuel used to create new blockchains and to monetize inter-chain bridges.


Mainstream adoption of blockchain systems has been limited due to unsolved questions of scalability, privacy, and interoperability. Core to our hypothesis is the idea that many blockchains will be created to solve unique business challenges, within unique industries. As such, the Aion Network is designed to support custom blockchain architectures, while providing a trustless mechanism for cross-chain interoperability. At the root of this system is the world’s first dedicated public enterprise blockchain, Aion-1; a state of the art blockchain that introduces a new paradigm of security, and fair, representative crypto-economic incentives.

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