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Market Cap $ 9.502 MM (#485)
24h Volume $ 116.743 K
Chg. 24h: 2.83%
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0chain intends to create a 0-cost cloud for dApps to be built

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0chain is a 0-cost superfast, decentralized cloud for dApps on any current platform to perform micro transactions and store data. Fast, free & flexible dCloud for everyone.


As the world transforms to a tokenized economy, there is a need for an efficient scalable protocol for typical web, enterprise, and IoT applications. 0chain provides a zero-cost, fast finality, infinitely scalable blockchain for web and IoT applications, essentially providing a zero-cost decentralized cloud. 0chain enables current dApps to move their off-chain code and data onto our 2 decentralized compute and storage platform. Its self-forking feature enables different verticals and applications to fine-tune their needs create separate chains without worrying about the integrity of the blockchain. Unlike a traditional cloud subscription model, dApps need to lock 0chain tokens to use the blockchain, more like a bank CD for a free scalable cloud, and as more 3 applications use our network, 0chain will grow in its intrinsic value and integrity.

Link to Roadmap: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1X4ow9MS9YUfOOX3m8pdUAJbv5TXNzZHD/view
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