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YouHodler Savings Accounts: An Easy Way to Boost Your Crypto Earnings

By October 17, 2021 No Comments

The YouHodler Savings Accounts is a unique crypto savings account, which allows you to save and earn crypto interest on cryptocurrency. If you have not heard of YouHodler Savings Accounts before, it can be a bit confusing at first. In this article, we provide the most comprehensive introduction possible for what YouHodler Savings Accounts is and how it works.

How YouHodler Savings Accounts Work

The YouHodler Savings Accounts is a unique investment product that allows you to invest in various digital assets and earn crypto interest on those assets. You will gain up to 12.3% annualized interest on USDC, PAXG, TUSD and USDT as well as other stablecoins. The YouHodler Savings Accounts works by allowing users to deposit fiat or crypto into the account and receive regular compound interest payments of up to 12.3% per year to earn bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies.

By depositing your assets into the account, you will enable the platform to “front” these funds and credit them with compound interest. Once these funds are released, they will be deposited into your Bitcoin wallet as payment for compound interest earned during that week. The interest payments come from the loan fees YouHodler earns on other lending products like.  

Are YouHodler Savings Accounts Safe?

The platform has partnered with Ledger Vault, a company that specializes in crypto asset management software solutions for institutions and large-scale investors. Its’ proprietary security features will provide YouHodler Savings Accounts users with $150M of crime insurance. This feature protects users against theft of their cryptocurrencies due to fraudulent activity by third parties such as hackers or criminals who steal personal details, or due to negligence on the part of end users.

In addition, the YouHodler Savings Accounts platform will provide stablecoin custodial services that help users convert stablecoins to other digital assets. This will allow users to benefit from the high levels of liquidity and security provided by stablecoins while receiving interest payments in a cryptocurrency that is accessible on a broad range of blockchain networks.

There are several ways that YouHodler can help you earn crypto and earn bitcoin. First, we offer a crypto lending platform that allows you to use crypto as collateral and receive an instant loan with favorable conditions. Second, we offer a crypto savings account that allows you to earn interest on cryptocurrency. Lastly, we have extra features that help one multiply their crypto such as Turbocharge and Multi HODL.

How to Open a YouHodler Savings Account

To get started with YouHodler Savings Accounts, download the YouHodler app. Once the account is set up and funded, transfer your earnings into your new account by depositing crypto, or fiat (USD, EUR, CHF, and GBP). The platform will then credit your account with interest and release funds into your chosen cryptocurrency.

You can withdraw funds at any time. YouHodler Savings Accounts users can also make deposits by converting other cryptocurrencies or fiat currencies into stablecoins such as TUSD and USDC. The platform will provide an exchange service to allow users to convert other cryptocurrencies directly from their wallets free of charge.

Account Security

The platform’s built-in security features will also allow users to deposit and withdraw funds from their accounts without having to input any personal information, such as phone numbers and passwords. This feature will help keep the platform safe and secure for users who do not want to expose themselves or their friends or family members to unnecessary risks by sharing personal info with the company.

All deposits into an account are controlled using YouHodler Savings Accounts’s TDE (Trustless Deposit Escrow) solution, which will ensure that funds deposited into an account are kept safe and secure. In addition, the company runs routine security audits with third-party firms to ensure any potential weaknesses are discovered and solved as quickly and seamlessly as possible. 

Withdrawing Funds from YouHodler Savings Accounts

Deposits and withdrawals of cryptocurrency from the YouHodler Savings Accounts platform is done through a unique withdrawal system that is designed to provide users with peace of mind by ensuring security and privacy. To make withdrawals from the platform, you simply need to follow these steps:

Step 1: Open your YouHodler Savings Account

Step 2: Deposit your funds into the account using the withdrawal method 

Step 3: Once the funds are deposited into your YouHodler Savings Accounts account, you can continue to HODL them on YouHodler and earn interest, exchange them for fiat and withdraw to a bank or credit card or use the crypto in one of YouHodler’s many innovative services like crypto-backed loans, Multi HODL or Turbocharge.

Get Started With YouHodler Savings Accounts

To start earning with YouHodler, you have to create a wallet account first. To create this wallet, you only have to go through a simple sign-up and verification method. After the verification is complete, you have to click the “Sign Saving Rewards” button on the top of the app. By clicking on this button, you will be allowed to receive the earnings from your interest and savings.

The earnings you will get depends on the amount of money you deposit into your account. The minimum deposit amount to start earning the interest is 100 USD (in crypto equivalent), while the maximum amount is 100,000 USD on all currencies.


YouHodler is a unique crypto investment platform where you can turn your cold assets into hot profit instantly by depositing your crypto savings account and getting weekly interest payments. You will be able to earn crypto up to 12.3% in a year! YouHodler Savings Accounts platform uses industry-leading security features. The platform’s “Trustless Deposit Escrow” function provides free instant cryptocurrency deposit and withdrawal services for all users. This feature will ensure that funds deposited into Your YouHodler Savings Account are secure and protected from unauthorized access by third parties.

You can get your YouHodler Crypto Wallet App easily here, and start gaining interest payments from your crypto savings weekly!