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Which are the Best and Most Secure Cryptocurrency Wallets? [Sponsored]

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Cryptocurrency wallets are the quintessential tools that traders need in order to obtain the ultimate security for their cryptocurrency. They also add the convenience traders need to maintain their cryptocurrencies, as well as transfer them to others or make transactions.

There are numerous on the market though. Some are provided by exchange platforms themselves, while others are created by companies who specialize in the software. Much like finding an exchange platform, finding the best wallet is key to ensuring seamless navigation through the world of cryptocurrency.

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There are various types on the market, which include ones that work online, on your mobile or as a separate device, much like a USB, which you carry around separately.  

This list runs down some of the best bitcoin wallets on the market so you can decide which ones best suit your needs.


Exodus is a downloadable software cryptocurrency wallet that is ideal for desktop trading. It’s great for newcomers thanks to its emphasis on usability.

It also eliminates the need for a third-party exchange because it allows for direct trading directly on its interface via a built-in exchange, while also allowing for peer to peer transactions with either a bitcoin address or by using a QR code.

There are well over 100 digital assets that can be traded and stored on it directly. They are also super secure thanks to a partnership with Trezor who we discuss next.

Customer service is also great and they offer 24/7 support on their website that can also be of use, if you are in a pinch.


Trezor is a wallet endorsed by numerous big names in all manner of industries, including Forbes and CNN, which gives you the first reason why it is considered one of the most secure bitcoin wallets on the market.

This cryptocurrency hardware wallet was created with the intention in mind to fend off anything untoward happening with your funds on exchange platforms by providing an offline equivalent.

You store your funds offline via the device, which is convenient to carry around, being a similar size and shape to a car key, then access them as and when you need to.

If you somehow manage to lose it, then you won’t be locked out for long and you can recover your coins in just 5 minutes via the offline backup and get back to your trading.

The number of Trezor supported coins is also a massive pro for joining their service.

They offer over 1000 different cryptocurrencies, so whatever sort of altcoin you are looking to invest in, you will be able to do so with ease on this device.

 Ledger Nano Series

Ledger has to be defined as the leading cryptocurrency hardware wallet.

There are currently two on the market, the Ledger Nano S and the brand-new Nano X, both of which resemble a USB stick.

At their core, they offer a similar service, in that they can work in conjunction with a mobile app and both have the capacity to store up to 100 applications at one time.

As such, you can use it as a Bitcoin wallet, Ethereum wallet and XRP wallet, as well as loads more, all in one device.  

However, the Nano X has stronger security, making use of a CC EAL5+ chip which is the same chip used on credit cards and passports. It is also easier to use, with an updated interface that makes it easier for day to day use.

The only issue is it is a bit more on the pricey side. As such, if you are looking purely for a place to store your cryptocurrencies, ledger Nano S will do the job, but for more dynamic usability, than it is worth forking out the extra bit of cash for the Nano X. 

These are just three of the best hardware wallets on the market. However, there are plenty out there that can also suit your needs in different ways.

There are various sources where you can access an exhaustive list of the best hardware wallets on the market, ensuring that you find one that best suits you.

Remember, cryptocurrency wallets are the best way to ensure your funds obtain maximum security and convenience. 

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