Where Do Traders Find Crypto Trading Ideas?

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Novice and experienced traders alike struggle to find crypto trading ideas that are based on sound technical analysis.  With so much noise in the crypto space and over 3,000 altcoins in existence, it’s hard to focus!

While many crypto platforms offer the best trade execution, with highest speed and lowest fees, they offer little to no assistance with trading strategy itself. 

In contrast to such pure trade execution platforms, altFINS is instead helping traders answer questions like “What should I be buying or selling today?”.  Trade execution is easy.  Trade selection is hard.  

That’s where altFINS comes in.  It offers traders tools to improve their selection of trade ideas including:

1. Patterns: AI-powered chart pattern recognition.  altFINS is the only platform that automatically identifies 16 common trading patterns such as Channel Up and Down, Ascending / Descending Triangles and Wedges, Support and Resistance breakouts, (Inverse) Head and Shoulders, among others.  


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Additionally, based on historical data, altFINS predicts most likely price path going forward:

2. Curated Charts: technical analysis of top 30 coins.  altFINS’ analysts conduct technical chart analyses of top 30 cryptocurrencies by market cap. The analysis is simple (therein lies the beauty of it) and consistent.  

It follows the key concepts of Technical Analysis (TA): 1) Trend – altFINS uses a proprietary trend scoring system to assess the trend direction and strength, 2) Momentum – using MACD crossovers and RSI indicator to identify bullish or bearish momentum, 3) Volume – using OBV (On Balance Volume) indicator to analyze the demand vs. supply market dynamics, 4) Patterns – detect price patterns that provide clues about investor psychology and support/resistance levels, 5) Support and Resistance –establish clear horizontal support and resistance zones, which become key trading levels (Buy Support, Sell Resistance).


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3. Screener and Alerts: Pre-defined and custom filtering of crypto markets based on over 60 technical indicators such as MACD, RSI, SMA, EMA, Stochastic, and Bollinger Bands.

Traders can use altFINS’ Screener to scan the market for coins that fit their trading style.  Looking for coins that are oversold? Overbought?  Trending up but experiencing a pullback?  Coins with a bullish momentum swing?  Coins with a EMA 12/ 50 crossover?  

altFINS has dozens of such pre-defined filters for traders to use and/or create custom ones.

Moreover, traders can set Alerts for screeners to get notified when coins fit their criteria!

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4. Real-time Twitter news feed: read and search twitter news across thousands of altcoins with potential price moving news about listings, partnerships, product updates, AMAs, trading competitions, airdrops, mainnet launches and other upcoming events.

This is a great way to cut through the noise and find coins with upcoming catalysts.

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5. Extensive knowledge base (KB): learn by reading and watching content about trading strategies and tips.  altFINS helps traders educate themselves on crypto trading techniques through visual illustrations and hands-on examples.

Following are examples from the KB:

Four ways to use MACD indicator in trading (read)
How to trend trade crypto (read)
How to trade EMA 12 / 50 crossovers? (read)
Risk management (read)

altFINS is building tools and content to make traders more efficient and profitable.  You can try all of these tools for free.