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Web3 Gaming Content Platform FreshCut (FCD) Debuts on Bybit Launhcpool

By May 13, 2022 No Comments
Image Source: Bybit

Key takeaways:

  • FreshCut is a Web3 and FCD powered gaming platform looking to increase fan engagement and put a spotlight on smaller content creators
  • FCD is the native utility and governance token of the FreshCut platform; 2.625 million tokens will be distributed during the Launchpool program
  • FCD Launchpool program started on May 10 and will run until May 19

Bybit users can farm FreshCut’s incentive and governance FDC tokens until May 19

FreshCut, a platform looking to unite gamers and creators using short-form content, is the latest project to be featured on the Bybit Launchpool platform. The Launhcpool program started on May 10 and is slated to remain open until May 19. Bybit users can farm the gaming platform’s native FreshCut Diamond (FCD) token by participating in BIT and FCD farming pools.

FreshCut, a platform powered by the FCD token and Web3 technology, is looking to disrupt several troubling trends in the gaming industry – namely, the inability of smaller creators and gamers to reach favorable deals with leading streaming platforms such as Twitch and YouTube, and the inability of smaller channels and gaming communities to attract new viewers due to content discovery systems that favor mostly the biggest names in the industry.

FreshCut aims to solve these problems by introducing a new form of content, which involves curated playlists featuring top gaming content, in which every creator, no matter how big or small, gets a chance to shine and reach new viewers. In addition, FreshCut is introducing a new concept, called Create-and-Earn, that incentivizes content creators to produce exciting and engaging content. Moreover, the platform features a tipping functionality to connect fans with their favorite creators and gamers.

At the heart of the FreshCut platform is the multi-use case FCD token, which allows owners to participate in the governance aspect of the platform via FreshCut DAO. FCD can also be used for tipping, unlocking membership perks, and advertising as well as sponsorship bonuses.

FreshCut on Bybit Launhcpool – How to Earn Crypto Rewards by Staking BIT and FCD on Bybit?

2.625 million FCD tokens out of the total supply of one billion will be distributed during the Bybit Launchpool campaign. The project held an initial dex offering (IDO) earlier this month on Polkastarters and hit its funding goal of raising $500,000 in less than 24 hours. Also, Bybit listed FCD on May 12, allowing a broader investment audience to get access to the gaming-oriented digital asset. 

At the time of this writing, Bybit users have the opportunity to earn a whopping 3800% APY on their FCD pool investment and 21% APY via the BIT Pool. Keep in mind that rewards are subject to change and are updated daily. The farming program will run until May 19 at 1:00 PM (UTC).