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Unizen Launches the First Version of Its Trade Aggregator

By October 25, 2022 No Comments
Unizen Trade Aggregator

Key Takeaways:

  • Unizen officially rolls out the first iteration of its long-anticipated trade aggregator in Q4, 2022 to enhance its cross-chain services.
  • Trade Aggregator v1 facilitates multiple DEXes on seven blockchains in a single interface.

CeDeFi ecosystem, Unizen announced it has released the first version of the Unizen trade aggregator. Hence the long-anticipated Unizen trade aggregator V1 is now live after over 2 years of development.

According to the announcement, the new development marks a fulfillment of the team’s unrelenting efforts to enable a web3 interface for the cross-chain universe. Moreso, the birth of the Unizen trade aggregator follows the platform’s plans to make digital assets easily accessible to everyone.

Basically, Unizen provides a seamless platform for users to easily trade digital assets across multiple networks without barriers from intermediaries. With Unizen, a particular coin can be exchanged for another coin without barriers from intermediaries, cross-chain bridges, or wrapping services.

Unizen’s Trade Aggregator Enhances Cross-Network services

The release of the first version of the platform’s trade aggregator will see the platform extensively providing a remarkable interface for noncustodial trading on various blockchains. Therefore, it will establish a system that creates a web3 interface for the cross-chain universe. 

The development team behind the platform claimed they had “laid the foundation of the Trade Aggregator’s core mechanics.” Apparently, the new product is designed to allow cryptocurrency users to exchange their assets in a noncustodial manner through 70+ DEXes simultaneously.”

Following the announcement, users from all round the globe can now enjoy access to thousands of digital assets across seven blockchains and 70 DEXs. Notably, users will enjoy this exclusive access through a single, easy-to-use interface designed to be easily recognizable by most users, all thanks to the trade aggregator launch.

The launch marks a major milestone for Unizen as it represents the first of its kind of product ever debuted by the platform. The Unizen trade aggregator will enable a true, cross-chain enabled, decentralized exchange that finds the most cost efficient trades with support for thousands of digital assets.

The new development will cause notable improvements on the Unizen Operating System considering the mechanisms it adopts. Users of Unizen will not have to hop between DEX’s to access certain assets.

Moving forward, users will no longer need to navigate to different blockchain bridges simply to move funds between networks. Also, they will no longer become vulnerable to phishing attacks and clunky UI which are prone to error.

Furthermore, the platform revealed it is eyeing further developments in the coming months. Noting that it is seeking to improve and introduce new functionality.

“We will continue to add on data sources, liquidity pools, and supported assets. We will also introduce trade splitting across liquidity pools and blockchains in a few weeks,” the team disclosed.