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Top 3 Coins to Watch in August

By August 4, 2020 No Comments

Despite August being the peak of the summer vacation season on most of the northern hemisphere the development of many tokens has not slowed down. Quite the opposite actually, as the three coins on our list are looking to improve their market position with protocol upgrades and the increased attention from the community that comes with them. Here are the top 3 coins you should keep an eye on (or bet your money on, if you wish) throughout August.


1. Bluzelle (BLZ)

Bluzelle is a decentralized database solution that aims to provide a safe, reliable, and scalable data storage solution for dApps. The solution has no single point of failure as all the data is stored at independent nodes located mostly across North America, Europe, and Asia. The distributed nature of data storage also resists censorship while the inter-blockchain communication protocol allows Bluzelle to be utilized by any other blockchain.

“Bluzelle is the AirBnB of databases,”

the project states.

Phase 1 of Mainnet Launch Scheduled for August 8

The Bluzelle team is preparing for the launch of project’s mainnet, which will take place in two phases. Phase 1 is the launch of a so-called soft mainnet, which is set to go live on August 8. The soft mainnet will allow public staking, validator registration, swapping BLZ to BNT, earning BNT staking rewards, and delegating BNT to a validator of your choice. On September 8, the team plans to enter Phase 2 by launching the BluzelleNet 1.0 Production Mainnet through a hard fork. The team aims to complete their ‘March to Mainnet’ by launching their Tendermint/Cosmos BluzelleNet chain before Q4 2020. This means that the highly expected launch of a fully operational mainnet is just around the corner. You can read more about the outline of Bluzelle’s mainnet launch procedure in their Medium post.


2. Ardor (ARDR)

Ardor is blockchain projects that describes itself as a Blockchain-as-a-service platform as it allows businesses to build their own child chains including their unique native tokens within the Ardor environment. Transaction fees on the child chains are paid in ARDR, but child chain owners can sponsor the fees, thereby reducing the transaction cost of their end users.

Ardor 2.3.2 Update is set to be Released on August 11

According to a recent announcement by the Ardor team, Ardor 2.3.2 update will be released on August 11. The release of a new version of Ardor protocol is part of the preparations for the chain hard fork scheduled for September 22. It is worth highlighting that this is a obligatory update and ardour advises all nodes to upgrade their software before the hard fork in order to ensure uninterrupted node operation and to keep participating in the blockchain’s Proof-of-Stake (PoS) consensus algorithm.


3. Swipe (SXP)

Swipe is an issuer of crypto-powered Visa debit cards. Users of Swipe Card enjoy the benefit of a 4% Bitcoin cashback while being able to seamlessly spend their cryptocurrencies at more than 50 million locations worldwide. Swipe describes its native Swipe Token (SXP) as a “utility-based cryptocurrency designed to be the gas and fuel of the Swipe Network”.

SXP Staking to go live in August and SGV Token Airdrop

Shortly after the announcement that industry giant Binance has picked Swipe as the issuer of its very own Binance Card, rumours about a potential acquisition have started to spread. The cryptocurrency community was left in limbo for about a week, before Binance confirmed it had purchased Swipe for an undisclosed amount. Under the new owner the crypto debit card issuer has seen increased pace of development. Recently the team has conducted the second quarterly SXP token burn, destroying around $396,120 worth of SXP. Furthermore, Swipe plans to launch SXP staking on the mainnet this month, promising APY as high as 12%. In addition, SXP holders will benefit from the SGV token airdrop. 1 SGV will be distributed for every 100 SXP in possession on August 17, at 00:00 UTC. As if that were not enough, Swipe is going to launch SwipeFi, a DeFi lending and rewards earning application on Binance Smart Chain soon. More information is available in the project’s latest Medium post.