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Top 10 of the Strangest Cryptocurrencies That Really Exist

By October 28, 2021 No Comments

It all started with Dogecoin. Jackson Palmer created his cryptocurrency in 2013 by combining bitcoin and the “Doge” meme, which was popular at the time. In this way, he wanted to show how absurd large investments in such unstable assets looked. But investors didn’t get the joke and started buying Dogecoin, bringing its market value to $400 million.

Many people apparently were not indifferent to Palmer’s success (although he himself quit cryptocurrencies and left Dogecoin). Cryptocurrencies now appear like mushrooms, many of them cause questions, some – laughter, and others – bewilderment. But that doesn’t stop them from becoming dense in our lives, becoming an alternative and popular way to pay in places like and many others. 

We decided to collect the weirdest, funniest, and most ambiguous cryptocurrencies that you can actually buy today.


This is the official cryptocurrency of Venezuela – introduced by President Nicolas Maduro himself. According to him, it is backed by oil reserves, gas, gold and diamonds, and is designed to help the country’s economy survive under numerous sanctions. Pre-sales of Petro, according to the Venezuelan government, have already brought in $735 million, with intentions to buy Petro exceeding a billion dollars in two days. But who the buyers are is unclear to the end. In addition, the fact that the cryptocurrency is controlled by the same government does not inspire confidence in many.

By the way, this is not the first cryptocurrency created in Venezuela – previously there was Bolivarcoin.


Kodak, which we all know as a manufacturer of photo equipment and accessories, decided to keep up with fashion and enter the crypto market. The company presented its own cryptocurrency KodakCoin at CES in January: it can be used to pay photographers for the use of their work and to make royalties.

In addition, the company has developed Kodak KashMiner mining farms, which it plans to rent out. However, the conditions are not so good – the tenants are more likely to go bankrupt than to earn money.


A cryptocurrency for those who are depressed. PotCoin was created as part of a decentralized banking infrastructure for the legal (and no other) marijuana market. You can use it to buy and sell legal marijuana in total safety, without fear of being mistaken by the police for a drug dealer or addict. 


And this is a one-of-a-kind cryptocurrency for dentists. Dentacoin is designed to help members of this profession build their own blockchain community with secure transactions, access to databases, and even services. Non-dentists are asked not to be disturbed.


Of course, Trump has a cryptocurrency. And while it’s not directly linked to the U.S. president, the website says it’s “integrated into Donald Trump’s agendas” and helps “fund projects both domestically and around the world,” including infrastructure, veterans issues, and border security. “Buy Trumpcoins today and help your people, your community, and your fellow citizens realize their true potential!” the site urges. It also has an original logo.


If Trump has his own cryptocurrency, Putin has two at once. One is called PutinCoin and was created to “pay tribute to the people and the president of one of the vastest and great countries in the world: Russia!” And the other is PutinClassic, which is positioned as a “digital souvenir” immortalizing the leader. By the way, when you buy five PutinCoins, you can get a statue of a waist-length nude Putin on a horse.


The world’s first kosher cryptocurrency. BitCoen was created by Jews for Jews around the world, at least that’s what it says. It has its own payment system, loyalty program, marketplace, and advertising platform. And 10% of all coins are automatically donated to Jewish charities. The platform recently had a successful ICO, I wonder if the transactions work on Saturdays?

Cthulhu Offerings

Cthulhu Offerings is one of the most mysterious cryptocurrencies discovered on the Internet. It seems to be based around some religion of worshiping a giant octopus, and the coins are supposed to be used to make ritual sacrifices. But that’s not certain.


Mooncoin is a cryptocurrency and blockchain network in which the issue of coins is limited to the average distance between the Earth and the moon. They also have their own MoonWord programming language for developing decentralized applications. MoonWord is frantically plush.

The Useless Ethereum Token

As we hear it, we write it: Useless Ethereum Token is exactly what you think it is. The first ICO to openly and transparently guarantee investors absolutely nothing. “You give money to some unknown people on the Internet, they take it and go – buy themselves something with it. Probably electronics, for that matter. Maybe even a TV with a big screen. Seriously, don’t buy these tokens,” the website says.