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The New Axie: Why PlayDapp is set to transform blockchain gaming with a P2E gaming model

By October 27, 2021 No Comments

Everyone loves a game, and blockchain gaming has emerged as more than a luxurious pastime. Games like Axie Infinity have shattered the mode of what it is to game by providing an active in-game economy for players to become stakeholders and earn while gaming.

This phenomenon has led to the blockchain gaming sector rising in the past 24 months and is now valued at over $18 billion. PlayDapp is a unique blockchain gaming platform that seeks to build on these gains by introducing the Play-to-Earn concept within its gaming ecosystem.

An immersive gaming metaverse

PlayDapp has an extensive gaming community that is centered on its flagship game ‘’Along with the Gods: Knights of the dawn. The game launched in November 2020 and is available in web and mobile versions.

Along with the Gods is an arcade game where players can play several combat contents to earn Hero and Rune NFTs. These NFTs can be used to level up their characters or exchange for PLA tokens that can be converted to fiat currency on supported exchanges.

Since its launch, Along with the Gods has constantly been ranked as one of the most popular blockchain games and gained adoption globally. The in-game economy provides a constant demand for NFTs and tokens leading to a highly competitive gaming ecosystem.

This has led to a rise in its native token PLA, which is listed on top centralized exchanges, including Coinbase, and Upbit.

PlayDapp entering a new phase with Play-to-Earn model

PlayDapp continues to make major updates to Along with the Gods, and the latest is the integration of a Play-to-Earn model within the gaming economy. This new feature is expected to transform the gaming experience and provide players with more earning opportunities.

It will also place ”Along with the Gods” alongside ”Axie Infinity” as one of the blockchain games with a truly decentralized gaming ecosystem. Play-to-Earn is a new concept that places gamers as stakeholders that drive the in-game economy.

Players are incentivized to game and use in-game assets, which invariably leads to a decentralized gaming environment and the adoption of the gaming token. PlayDapp has stated that the launch of P2E model will be deployed before the end of October.

Players will be able to stake NFTs and earn daily and weekly rewards in PLA tokens. The daily rewards are pegged to 5 PLA, and players are required to stake three SR grade PlayDapp Town PLAYZ NFTs and partake in daily quests to be eligible for rewards. Players who want to increase their earnings can partake in the weekly rewards by staking an SSR Grade PlayDapp Town PLAYZ NFT and competing in the exciting weekly PVP tournaments to be eligible for up to 5000 PLA tokens rewards.

Massive Growth Potentials

PlayDapp has massive potentials, and the game topped the overall game category in terms of interest in anticipation for the upcoming P2E launch. This has led to analysts stating that the game could become the next ‘’Axie Infinity’’.

PLA token is closing in on the $1 mark, and the launch of the P2E model is expected to lead to a spike in the token. With the growing blockchain gaming, it won’t be surprising if PlayDapp market cap rises to similar levels to Axie Infinity.

“Along with the Gods” can be downloaded through the Google Play Store, and the PlayDapp Town NFT required for NFT staking can be purchased from the polygon version of PlayDapp’s C2C marketplace

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