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The Business.Club Social Network and Profit-Earning Crypto Wallet [Sponsored]

By January 17, 2020 No Comments

Business.Club is a new and unique platform that supports a crypto wallet that not only allows you to store, send, and receive funds, but it also enables you to make additional profits every day. This wallet is called Active Wallet, and it’s a safe crypto storing solution.

The platform also has its own token called BCT (Business Club Token) and, by staking the coin in their wallet, users receive daily profits. The best thing about Business.Club is its debit cards, which can be issued to wallet users.

How Can You Get an Active Wallet?

To get an Active Wallet, you just have to sign up on the Business.Club platform. But what makes this wallet unique is the fact that you can increase your funds each day by using the Business Club Token (BCT).

The native token of the platform can be used to execute trades, buy file storage space, and send or receive bandwidth. The tokens can also be used to buy space for ads, tip other users, and perform instant transactions between wallet owners.

Key Features of Active Wallet

 Daily Profits

By staking BCT tokens in your Active Wallet, your number of deposited tokens will constantly increase. When completing a BCT transaction, a small fee will be deducted from the amount by Business.Club.

Spending BCT tokens increases the profit share of Business.Club, as all BCTs purchased are returned to the issuing platform. The profit derived from BCT transactions is shared between BCT holders – therefore, the size of your funds will increase according to your staked amount.

Crypto Visa Debit Card

Business.Club is also the first crypto wallet that has issued five types of debit cards, which can be used to spend, sell, buy, or pay using either cryptocurrencies or fiat.

To be eligible for a card, you will have to stake BCT in your Active Wallet for at least six months, and then you are eligible to receive one of the five Business.Club payment cards at the end of your 180-day period.

Business.Club’s Leaf Green Visa card doesn’t require you to hold any BCT. You just have to open an Active Wallet account and go through the verification process.

Insignificant Fees and Zero Limits

There are no restrictions on how much BCT you can transfer. For each transaction, there is a small fee of 0.25% applied, but once the token supply has been stopped, the fee will be further lowered to 0.005%.

Diverse Crypto Listing

Active Wallet allows the deposit and storage of BCT as well as a number of other coins and tokens, such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash, Monero, Dash, Ripple, Litecoin, and Tether. More cryptos are to be added later on to the wallet’s support list.

Convert Crypto from One Place

The platform also implemented a useful feature called the Active Wallet Converter, which facilitates conversions between various cryptos from within the wallet. Such exchanges are possible due to the company’s integration with ShapeShift and CoinPayments.

Conversions involving BCT do not incur any fees, and all other altcoin conversions come with a 3% fee. The conversion process doesn’t take more than a few seconds to execute.

Online Social Network for Business.Club Users

Business.Club also features an exclusive online business club, which provides networking opportunities for users interested in gaining business advice and insight on how they can multiply their earnings.

Easy to Verify Transactions

Users are able to view and verify all the transactions that have ever been executed on the Business.Club blockchain. This level of transparency enables anyone to analyze even the smallest of transactions. The complete list of transactions can be accessed at this address:

Refer a Friend and Get Extra Money

Active Wallet users can refer other users to sign up for this wallet service. By using a referral link or username to create an account, your account will be permanently linked to the other one. For each successful referral, the users will receive additional income.

Business.Club is a platform dedicated to all types of investors and business owners, where all users can multiply their funds through a secure wallet, as well as engage with each other through a dedicated online network. The company’s Visa debit cards are expected to be soon available in Lithuania as well, after they receive the Electronic Money Institution License.