Taunt Battleworld Sees Humans and Old Gods Fight for Earth’s Control, while the World Watches

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Taunt Battleworld is a digital collectible game with an integrated social platform that taps into the large traditional gaming market through free-to-play and esports while offering the benefits of player-owned assets.

Humans and Old Gods

Modeled after all-time great fighting games like Street Fighter and Mortal Kombat,  Taunt Battleworld is easy to learn but difficult to master.

In Taunt Battleworld, players are transported to a future version of Earth where the “Old Gods” have declared war on humanity and sent their fighters to do battle. To defend against these threats, humans send their own fighters to Battleworld, a realm where they can fight for supremacy. This is the setting of the game, where players can engage in epic battles and determine the fate of the world.

Innovative Gameplay

One-on-one fighting games have been a popular attraction in the gaming industry for decades, with titles ranging from classic arcade games to the latest console releases. Taunt Battleworld aims to offer the same excitement, but with added features that set it apart from other games in the genre. In addition to incorporating GameFi and NFT elements, Taunt Battleworld uses a patented method of engaging players and non-players alike. Instead of controlling characters and participating in battles directly, users simulate fights using the game’s engine and focus on other tasks like strategy, training, and resource management. For those who prefer to watch the action, the Watch-and-Earn mode allows them to earn rewards just by watching battles. Additionally, anyone can participate in the Predict-and-Earn mode and win prizes for free.

Digital Collectibles and Black Magic Collection 

All fighters in the game are unique and represented by their own NFTs. 5,000 warriors from each of the five races mean that the game has a total of 25,000 NFTs. Taunt Battleworld also has several commitments from the world’s top combat sports athletes to be in the game as playable characters. The “Black Magic” Collection will be available on Magic Eden on January 14th and will feature rare playable characters such as Floyd Mayweather Jr, Cris Cyborg, and Andy Ruiz Jr. In addition to these world champions, the collection will also include a selection of other warriors, totaling 1,000 pieces. You can learn more about the collection here. 

Noticed by Industry 

With a diverse and experienced team that comes from the biggest gaming and blockchain sector, the Taunt Battleworld team takes the best of their expertise to build a robust and engaging game that will deliver hours of entertainment, both to players and others who just want to watch the action and predict. 

The game’s potential has not gone unnoticed, with big names such as Rainmaker Games, Polygon Studios and AU21 backing the development.

$TAUNT Launch and Airdrop 

The upcoming release of $TAUNT is planned for late Q1 2023. Confirmed launchpads include BSCpad, Wepad, and Spores. 

In parallel with the Black Magic Collection launch, you can earn free airdropped tokens by voting for $TAUNT to be a community-based launch on top launchpad DAO Maker on January 17th. $TAUNT will be used for in-game utility and to power the Taunt Live platform.  

Players can vote here to earn their free tokens.