Switzerland Company bitcci Brings Blockchain Technology to the Adult Industry

By August 16, 2021 No Comments

Switzerland-based blockchain firm bitcci has embarked on what promises to be a transformative effect on the sex industry. The company’s core aim is to introduce a modern culture that promotes inclusion, compliance, safety, and freedom for all parties involved.

bitcci AG is a group of publicly stock companies seeking to build new nightclubs and develop IT portals, apps, blockchain-based payment solutions within the sex sector. The company was launched in 2017 by CEO Christoph Elbert, who built it from scratch with an initial investment of 500 USD.

What bitcci brings to the table

Straight out the door, bitcci users can experience the best security, features, and compliance while interacting within its ecosystem. bitcci intends to build a series of nightclubs called bitcci nightclub network (bNN) by purchasing lands across Europe.

bNN are standardized physical saunas that will initially spread across Europe and provide members with premium, next-generation services. Meanwhile, the company has released the ICO of its payment token bitcci Cash token. This token will be used for paying for services and features within the bitcci ecosystem.

Regarding bitcci Cash token, bitcci achieved a major milestone by selling out the private presale for the token in just 15 days. The company also raised 1 CH million within the opening weeks of July 2021.

Another major highlight is the deployment of its club management software – “bitcci Club. The software is successfully running within the systems of the four largest sauna clubs in Switzerland.

bitcci also complies with the latest data regulatory standards with its bitcci.id and bitcci connect. The two platforms work in tandem to ensure that workers are verified, their data recorded for authorities to monitor effectively.

bitcci.com portal and App are also expected to launch in Q4 2021 and usher in a new wave of communication and added features for users. For example, users can use communication tools like voice calls, video calls, and webcam features to optimize their sexual adventures.

The blockchain company believes that bitcci portal and App will house over 1 million sex workers by 2022. The ID cards of the workers can be scanned using the bitcci ID and identity confirmed within seconds. bitcci is also well connected and currently a member of the Crypto Country Association.

Future developments

bitcci has earmarked more innovations and product launches in the coming months for its ecosystem. Its marketing campaign starts on August 21, 2021, and the brand intends to place 200 street banners within the crypto valley region in Switzerland. 

The bitcci ICO is still ongoing, with 50 billion tokens allocated to be sold during this period. In addition, the highly anticipated bitcci.com and bitcci App are under development and will be launching in Q4.

bitcci is an ideal project for crypto lovers that want a sustainable platform that sticks to its ideals. The adult industry has significant potential, and bitcci provides an enabling environment for changes to occur and transform the entire sector. To learn more about bitcci and its ICO, visit the website.