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Student Coin – The Biggest ICO of 2021 Successfully Ended Before April 30

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Student Coin is the essential training-based digital token that grants customers to easily configure, make and regulate Decentralized Finance tokens and Non-Fungible tokens. In addition, the fact is to change the possible destiny of the high-level economy.

Student Coin’s Ongoing Launchpad ICO

The Student Coin has effectively finished its 150 phase before April 30. Truth be told, through this ICO all tokens were sold. 

Also, the token price developed each raising fund round. Financial backers utilized their Coinbase accounts, MetaMask wallets, and cards to purchase a token at any stage before the crowdfund wraps up.

Every token purchased from the launchpad is put away in the wallet of financial backers. Likewise, the Mobile Wallet application is supported and now available in Google Play Store and App Store.


There are enormous opportunities for token holders to get numerous tokens through STC Staking. Nevertheless, the token holders who stake can obtain over 30% in month-to-month returns and more than 320% as yearly yield.

Student Coin Staking (Source: Studentcoin App)

The platform means to declare the staking in the approaching days, giving further clearness and describing installment cycles. Added to staking, token holders furthermore acquire their installments from the Exchange created from crowdfunding and charges.

Minting NFT and DeFi Tokens

STC is a phase where associations manufacture and manage their tokens with no issue. Likewise, these tokens can navigate those in NFTs or DeFi.

The token has viably manufactured an STC terminal where customers can mint DeFi and NFT tokens with no issue. The stage will dispatch in second from last quarter of 2021, opening up additional opportunities for customers to ride on the DeFi and NFT waves.

Furthermore, the tokens made at the Ethereum association can be brought into the exchange and managed Terminal. As of now, more than $44 billion of computerized cash are regulated securely by driving assessed DeFi conventions.


The platform is moreover managing an exchange where customers can trade celebrated tokens, including STC-based tokens given from the Terminal. Through the Exchange, customers can crowdfund, exchange, and track all of their tokens given from the Terminal.

STC’s first undertaking that would be tokenized on Exchange is Smart Marketing Token (STM). Considerably more, the SMT will be crowdfunded at Exchange with a constraint of more than $1,000,000. Besides, the SMT launch is needed to happen in late May 2021.

 Current Market Update

As of the time of writing this article, STC trades at $0.0446 with a 24-hour trading volume of $2,930,000.

Student Coin Price Chart (Source: CoinCheckup)

Furthermore, the token has a total supply of 2,100,000,000. Currently, the top cryptocurrency exchanges for the token are Uniswap, CoinTiger, Waves.Exchange, and Kanga.

Exchange Lisiting

The token has been recorded on the digital asset trading platform Uniswap, CoinTiger, and Waves.Exchange.

Moreover, Uniswap is a convention for automated modernized money exchange on Ethereum. In contrast, CoinTiger is a Singapore-based crypto trade. Waves.Exchange is a hybrid crypto asset exchange that engages customers to move, trade, issue and stake advanced monetary forms.

Even more, the firm has also made arrangements with other exchanges, including P2PB2BProBit, and Coinsbit to list the tokens.

Token Reached its Hard Cap

The token raised $21,000,000 and showed up at its hard cap in 58 days. Notwithstanding, there’s nothing more needed than 66% of the surveyed time.

Moreover, showing up at the hard cap is conceivably the main accomplishment of the endeavor, which shapes the STC space and constructs the essential apparatus for wide-scale tokenization.

During the huge financing, in excess of 100,000 customers made a record at Launchpad and in excess of 20,000 customers joined the Student Coin online media Group of Telegram.