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Sportemon Go Aims to Bridge the Disparity Between Fans and Sports Teams with ProBit Global IEO

By December 14, 2021 No Comments

Sports metaverse experience and tokenization platform Sportemon Go has officially opened up an early round of purchases for its SGO tokens exclusively on ProBit Global.

Eligible IEO participants meeting the purchasing criteria will earn an additional 15% bonus courtesy of a joint event and will be applied towards their individual purchase amount throughout the entire IEO duration.

Sportemon Go was founded by a wealth of sports entertainment and blockchain experience through its father-son founder tandem with its value proposition bringing maximum value and unmatched level of direct interaction with over 30 teams through the use of fan tokens and a developing virtual theme park in collaboration with TCG World called SporteVerse.

A fully digital stadium will host a wealth of unique experiences and opportunities for sports fans through collectible NFT featuring popular athletes ranging from football, cricket, MMA, and many others in the pipeline.

The fan token marketplace will provide ample purchasing opportunities for sports fans with SGO tokens gaining early access for fan token presale rounds with NFT incorporating the latest AR and VR capabilities.

Sportemon Go has already burned 15% of the 1T total supply with SGO unlocking various levels of utility including higher subscription tier level and benefits across the platform. The platform applies a 12% fee for every transaction of which 5% goes to liquidity pools, 3% redistributed to holders, with another 2% in capital to both marketing and developmental efforts.


Sportemon Go is a fully tokenized ecosystem with the goal to create a perfect synergy between our current physical world (universe) and the virtual world (Metaverse or SporteVerse) through immersive in-app and stadium sporting experiences, fan tokens and metaverse gaming.

By revolutionizing both the gaming and NFT collectible industries, participants will be able to interact at stadiums and sporting events like never before. Boasting an impressive team of technology development professionals, Sportemon Go will be delivering patent pending NFT and fan engagement, experience and loyalty technology.


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