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Self-Exclusion from casino websites in the UK [In Collaboration]

By June 16, 2020 No Comments

It is not news that the thrill and excitement that comes with gambling can be so intoxicating that you can lose yourself. Without a doubt, you can find yourself spending more time gambling than doing anything else. In this case, once you have realized that gambling is becoming a big problem and you are always craving the thrills it offers, self-exclusion is the best way to go. As it stands, there are various ways and systems you can use to self-exclude. One of them is Gamstop, which was created to help players ban or restrict themselves from online gambling platforms.

How to Self-Exclude

As it stands, self-exclusion is quite easy at most online casinos around the world. In the UK, you can easily self-exclude because currently, the UK Gambling Commission has allowed online casinos to offer self-exclusion options to players. So, in most cases, you can simply go to your player’s dashboard to start the process to self-exclude. In addition to that, you can choose to use third-party platforms to restrict yourself from all online gambling sites. For instance, you can choose to download the Gamban app, which will give you the chance to easily block all gambling apps and sites on all your devices.

UK Casino Self-Exclusion Options

Currently, there are various options you can use to self-exclude from gambling platforms. Some of the self-exclusion options include doing so on at the casino, on third-party sites and systems such as Gamstop, Netnanny, Gamban, and the like. The most efficient is Gamstop, and this is because all licensed UK casinos are registered on Gamstop. As a result, if you choose to self-exclusion, you will not be able to access any licensed UK online casino. You can go on ahead to visit the Gamcheck site so that you can see the full list of online casinos licensed under the UK Gambling Commission.

UK Casino Self-Exclusion – Comparing the Options

When you choose to self-exclude and you decide to do so on the casino site, you might be required to provide a means of verification, which can be discouraging. In this case, during the process of self-exclusion, you can decide to change your mind because the process is not instant. For this reason, using third-party websites such as Netnanny to self-exclude may be the better option. However, if you use third-party sites, you will still have access to independent online casinos that are not recognized by the platform. Nonetheless, the best way to self-exclude completely is by combining the various options.

UK Casino Self-Exclusion – What’s More

In any case, if you have a friend or family member who is showing signs of gambling addiction, you can as well opt-in for exclusion on behalf of the person. You can use the third-party site option if you do not have access to the person’s online casino account. However, you need to note that when you restrict access through Gamstop, all casinos not on Gamstop can still be accessible. If the online casino is not listed on Gamstop, you can still also contact the casino support to find out how you go through with the self-exclusion process to help your addiction.

UK Casino Self-Exclusion – Final thoughts

Gambling, especially online, can be addictive and this is mainly because it is easy to wager on games. Nowadays, you can even play on the go thanks to the advancement in web and mobile technologies. For this reason, self-exclusion is very important and before you join any casino, you need to confirm they are ambassadors of responsible gambling. That way, you can easily opt-in for self-exclusion on the casino site. Notwithstanding, as we have already pointed out in the article, you can self-exclude using third-party self-exclusion apps and websites such as Gamban. But note that, casinos not on Gamban will still be accessible.