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Safetrading – Artificial Intelligence Protect Your Investments

By August 28, 2020 No Comments

Have you ever lost money because of scammers? 

Scammers are services that exist to steal the money of crypto traders using different schemes which depend on the type of service. Unsafe crypto wallets, scam crypto bots, exchanges, ICOs – they are not uncommon nowadays. These fake services are the biggest challenge for the crypto market. 

Safetrading appeared more than two years ago. This cryptocurrency platform was created by Andreas Schmidt because of his tragic experience. His biggest belief is that people should learn from the mistakes of others, and he is ready to help beginner-traders to invest safely and get profits.

As we know, the real challenge for newcomers is to find legit services – 70% of newcomers lose their money because of the lack of knowledge or after working with scam services. For example, according to the calculations of Safetrading, 85-90% of crypto signals trading Telegram groups are scammers.

These figures above are not made-up. 

Safetrading is unique – it checks cryptocurrency services with the help of artificial intelligence which, based on important parameters, can make a conclusion about the quality of services. 

Machine learning helps to analyze the big amount of data and, based on the unique algorithm, create patterns that allow making the final conclusion. 

Among the important parameters are mentions of the exchange or bot in different doubtful sources, feedback of users on the Internet, profit, number of services, features, the background of founders, year of establishment, the source of investments, etc. 

At the beginning of the activity, the traders behind Safetrading did everything on their own using their special calculation rules, and later, when this platform became a real breakthrough on the market, they decided to connect AI algorithms which carry out the procedure faster and analyze the data which is impossible to be gathered manually. 

Many people may think that this type of review can be improbable because programs make mistakes. Safetrading claims that the accuracy of their algorithm is 95% and this is enough to make the final conclusions. The number of negative feedback on crypto service providers decreased by 15 times, and the number of positive ones increased significantly, and these results confirm the quality of the algorithm.

Then, based on the results of this review, human thinking interferes. The team analyses all the results and then check some more features that can’t be checked by AI. After all of the processes of review, the team writes a comprehensive audit about the trader or bot. 

Right now this program can review only crypto signals channels and crypto trading bots. Soon the review of exchanges and wallets will be conducted in this manner to help you with finding the best crypto wallet. 

Many traders hope that cryptocurrency has great potential in the near future, and all of us need to do all our best to make this future safe and legit.