SafeLight’s Innovative Tokenomics Foster Seamless Yield Generation with Fresh Debut on ProBit Global

By June 15, 2021 No Comments

SafeLight raises the bar with its intuitive tokenomics structure and automated passive income streams. SafeLight’s utility/governance token, SAFELIGHT, is poised to proliferate on the heels of its recent listing on ProBit Global.

Broadly, yield farming is when a retail trader or firm allocates crypto assets to work and produce the most significant returns possible on any given asset; this is effortless for SAFELIGHT holders. Safelight’s frictionless yield protocols are made possible by a 10% transaction fee, of which 5% is directed into a locked liquidity pool, and the remaining 5% is distributed equally to holders.

All tokens that remained following the SAFELIGHT presale were sent to a dead wallet address and locked permanently. As the dead address is a holder of SAFELIGHT, the dead wallet will receive rewards which will ultimately further decrease the circulating supply.

Proponents of governance in token development believe it enables higher levels of holder control which is part and parcel of the original ideals of cryptocurrency, decentralization and democratization. SafeLight recognizes the importance of staying true to these qualities that have become synonymous with cryptocurrency.

As a result, SafeLight incorporated a high level of holder governance into its design, granting holders platform control and enabling access to a lock-up feature that can unlock rare NFT’s.

Launched April 6, 2021, SafeLight has developed rapidly and has numerous planned project evolutions and significant moves in the pipe. Holders of SAFELIGHT can enjoy relatively stable token values due to the employed two-year liquidity lock by DXLock and planned permanent liquidity lock as the project grows.


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SafeLight provides token holders with leading tokenomics in the DeFi niche. Through a frictionless yield and liquidity generation protocol, holders can create a significant income stream that is fully autonomous.


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