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Revuto’s REVU Token is Set to Become the First Cardano Native Token Traded on Top Tier Centralized Exchanges

By January 4, 2022 No Comments
  • Revuto’s token REVU is set to become the first Cardano native asset to be listed on top tier CEXs.
  • From January 7 on retail investors will be able to trade REVU on KuCoin and exchanges.
  • Revuto is a blockchain start-up developing an active subscription management dApp that will help people save money on their subscriptions.
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Revuto is making history once again

Revuto, a blockchain start-up developing a subscription management dApp, has announced that they are ready to make history again by getting REVU token listed on KuCoin and exchanges. The double listing is such a historical event because it will not only mark Revuto’s centralized exchange debut, but with it REVU will also become the first ever Cardano native asset to be listed and traded on tier 1 centralized exchanges. Revuto’s CEO and co-founder Vedran Vukman highlighted that they were their company was the first ICO on Cardano and that they managed to achieve record growth in the past 4 months. Nevertheless, nothing has been rushed and the project has been audited by one of the leading blockchain security companies, Vukman said:

“We are proud to make history again with REVU, after being the first ICO, publishing the 1st Cardano lite wallet and breaking records with our growth – we are now the first to list on tier 1 CEXs, KuCoin and The process included multiple legal openings for our utility token, from top legal firms including both US and EU legislations, with audits being in process and led by the global leader blockchain security. We also partnered with Skynet Trading for institutional-grade liquidity solutions. Our ethos is to work only with the best; to ensure our customers and investors enjoy the best products and returns. It may take longer and is often the more difficult way – but it’s the right way to build long term value.”

Revuto offers an easy way to manage all your subscriptions at one place

Revuto is an active subscription management dApp built on Cardano. It aims to help people save money on their subscriptions, by offering users an easy way to pause and restart subscriptions whenever they need to, with one single click. The app also offers a clear overview of all your subscriptions in one place, which allows you to never be subscribed to services when you can’t use them. With most of the music and movie streaming providers, gaming studios, software developers and even online retailers switching to the subscription format, Revuto has one big upside – it addresses a real-world problem. This will likely allow REVU to stay sustainable regardless of crypto market conditions.

The KuCoin cryptocurrency exchange, which recently achieved a historic milestone of 10 million registered users, is proud to be the first crytpo trading platform to list REVU and commended the team working on the project:

“We’re proud to be at the forefront of crypto innovation – and being the first to list REVU is doing just that. The team, project and fundamentals are stellar and we’re happy to join them on this journey.”

Users and investors have also already started to recognize the value of Revuto’s product. After raising million $10 in a matter of minutes through an ICO in May 2021, the company has since amassed more than 3 million early sign-ups for the app. Since August, more than 300.000 users worldwide registered with Revuto, earning this blockchain start-up the award for the fastest-growing consumer product at the recent World Blockchain Summit in Dubai. 

Revuto’s Future Features

Currently, the company is preparing to launch its own Virtual Debit Cards to easily manage subscription seasonality. In addition, the debit cards will allow users to pay for their subscriptions with Cardano native tokens. Later this year, Revuto plans to roll out liquidity pools for micro-lending and borrowing. Using this DeFi functionality for subscriptions, Revuto users who provide liquidity to other Revuto users will be able to earn yield, ending up paying less for their subscriptions than they would pay if they used fiat money to settle the amount due.