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Project B-idol Music NFT Collaboration Between INIMI And DEA Coming To PlayMining

By May 9, 2022 No Comments
Project B-idol Music NFT Collaboration Between INIMI And DEA Coming to PlayMining

Music NFTs represent an intriguing frontier in the non-fungible token world. Project B-idol is one collection tackling this approach. INIMI and DEA join forces to bring this collection to life and introduce digital idols to the mix.

One could argue that Project B-idol extends INIMI’s mission of bringing together and promoting aspiring Asian artists. The Tokyo-based collective pays close attention to artists finding their own sounds while maintaining pop-culture crossovers. Through INIMI, artists can enter the crossover music scene, share ideas, and collaborate with other creators worldwide.

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The INIMI initiative has received substantial support from its core members, including Gio, Loar, Kosuke, Canchild, and many others. Venturing into the world of music NFTs marks a crucial milestone for the collective, Together with Digital Entertainment Asset Pte. Ltd (DEA), the team will launch their artist collaboration on the PlayMining NFT Premier marketplace.

An INIMI spokesperson comments on becoming part of DEA’s expansive marketplace:

“It is a great honor for us to participate in the B-idol project. We have always been very interested in the NFT scene, so we are thrilled to have been asked to participate in this project. We wrote this song with a wish to warm the hearts of people who are experiencing tragic events currently going around the world. We hope our thoughts and prayers will reach as many people as possible.”

The Project B-idol collection will have a limited number of music NFTs spanning various music styles produced by community-initiated productions and artist collaborations. In addition, all creators can participate in the production of Project B-idol NFTs through community voting and determining the project’s future.

A Big Step For DEA And PlayMining

The DEA team wants to bring GameFi into the mainstream through its JobTribes play-to-earn game and PlayMining NFT marketplace. The PlayMining ecosystem leverages blockchain technology to remove issues associated with secondary market transactions for creators and consumers.

Furthermore, PlayMining provides access to blockchain games, awarding players DEP tokens they can use to purchase NFTs from the PlayMining NFT Premier platform.

The Project B-idol NFT collection will be sold exclusively through the PlayMining NFT Premier marketplace. Its launch is slated for the summer of 2022 and will bring digital idols to the BNB Chain.