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ProBit Global Teams with First Indonesian IEO Effort to Pioneer the Art of Tokenization and Widespread Adoption to Empower Locals

By December 10, 2021 No Comments

ProBit Global has launched its first Indonesia-based IEO for Sangkara and its agricultural asset-backed MISA tokens.

As the first Indonesian token backed by underlying physical assets comprising 11.5 hectares of agricultural holdings in Central Java, Sangkara aims to democratize participation in the digital asset sector through IRL asset-backed tokens and commercial tokenization services to empower local communities and businesses.

Sangkara set out to democratize blockchain adoption throughout the country and accelerate its local startup sector through a dedicated exchange with a full range of fundraising services to expedite the growth of local projects.

The team has embraced NFT to showcase the artistic and creative work of Indonesian artists alongside joint efforts with streaming concert service Bantaya and a dedicated artist NFT platform.

Bantaya recently held a concert in honor of Steven & Coconut Treez vocalist Steven Kaligis with the virtual streaming attended by many local musicians to streamline artist exposure through the increasing use cases of NFT as a digital deed of ownership.

Founder Agustino Wibisono participated in a recent AMA with ProBit Global to discuss future partnerships down the pipeline and tokenomics.


Sangkara wants to create a trusted crypto exchange which can offer a stable crypto market and allow anyone to own digital assets safely. Our missions are making crypto transactions easier and safer by creating an Indonesian crypto market using native Indonesian stable tokens and helping the process of issuing tokens for various businesses including NFT for Indonesian artists and bringing stable token native to Indonesia to the international world.


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