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Pooky Launches Play-to-Earn Football Prediction Game

By March 23, 2023 No Comments
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Pooky, a gamified sports prediction app, has announced the release of its Play-to-Earn sportsbook game, which rewards players for accurately predicting the outcomes of football matches. The game features enhanced mechanics designed by experienced professionals from the gaming industry, including Alfred Vesligaj (ex-Splinterlands) and Damian Volatino (former Head of Product & Design at The SandBox).

Pooky was founded in 2022 by two brothers and sport fans, Claudio and Stefano Riff, after one of them had been banned from different online sportsbooks for seemingly winning too much.

Pooky Play-to-Earn Model

Pooky’s beta program lasted for four months and saw 7,000 users make 700,000 predictions while competing with one another every week. Football influencers such as Fiago, RazzHD, and Sims2 also promoted the game, contributing to its popularity.

Pookyball NFTs are required to access the Play-to-Earn mode, and the first drop of 1,000 Genesis Pookyball NFTs has already sold out. However, a free-to-play mode is also available for those who wish to participate without purchasing NFTs.

NFTs holders will have exclusive access to Play-to-Earn, which will offer minimum reward prize pools of 500 MATIC per matchday shared among the top 50% of each leaderboard. Regular mints of new NFTs will also be available on their marketplace.

The Rise of Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) in Gaming

Many Play-to-Earn games utilize Non-Fungible Tokens, which are unique digital assets that can represent anything from artwork, and virtual estate to in-game items. NFTs have become increasingly popular in the gaming and gambling industry, offering players a new way to own and trade in-game items.

The use of NFTs also adds value to Pooky’s game economy, creating a sustainable tokenomic design. This model allows players to earn rewards for their achievements, while also supporting the game’s ecosystem.

Pookyballs are NFTs in the Pooky game that capture and accumulate value in the system through the level-up mechanics. They are used to increase the value of players’ Pookyballs, which are virtual balls in the game. Players can improve their Pookyballs by using $POK tokens, which can be earned by playing the game, or after Phase 2, $TPK tokens, which will also be tradable.

Pooky’s In-Game Currencies

The Pooky team has started by introducing a soul-bound $POK token, which will serve as the gameplay token for the early version of Pooky, allowing players to experience the core mechanics of the game and improve their Pookyballs while preparing for Phase 2.

In Phase 2, Pooky will introduce a single, capped-supply utility token, $TPK, which is easier for players to understand and identify value drivers. The end goal is to create a seamless transition from an uncapped, soul-bound token to a capped, tradable token, all while providing players with the ability to earn tradable tokens and/or increase the value of their Pookyballs through gameplay.

Wrapping up

Pooky’s Play-to-Earn game offers a unique opportunity for players to predict the outcomes of football matches while earning rewards based on their rank and skill level. With the use of NFTs and sustainable tokenomics, Pooky marks the beginning of a new era for Play-to-Earn games that combine immersive gameplay with blockchain technology.