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OncoGenerix Bridges East and West with Tokenization and Cost-effective Injectables

By August 26, 2020 No Comments

Pharmaceutical companies are generally out of reach for individual investors. They require amounts of capital and time that are only available to industry insiders and established firms. However, new initiatives are widening access to the industry. A pioneering partnership between fintech firm Alpha Capital and a contract pharmaceuticals manufacturer offers a novel digital investment opportunity through tokenized ownership of a pharmaceuticals production facility.

OncoGenerix is a contract manufacturing organization (CMO) that builds a bridge between an ever-expanding Eastern market and Western innovation. Strategically located in northeastern China, the company is set to fill a need for injectable oncology drugs in a market segment growing at a 15.7% annual growth rate. Its solutions are designed to meet the regulatory requirements of China NMPA, EU MEA, and US FDA, allowing for the best of all worlds in terms of cost efficiency, high standards, and available technology.

As a next-generation provider of good manufacturing practices-compliant and high-quality services, OncoGenerix offers a fully integrated suite of contract manufacturing services. Some of these include technical transfer, process development, scale-up, equipment and process validation, formulation, filling, lyophilization, inspection, labeling, and packaging. Recently, the company has looked into developing capacity for COVID-19 vaccine production as these become available.

OncoGenerix’s newly operational, 5,000 square meter state-of-the-art manufacturing facility counts on isolator technology to produce the most complex, high potency and highly toxic formulations (up to OEB5 standard). It can be contracted by originators and large generic manufacturers alike. 

This is where one of OncoGenerix’s most interesting propositions comes into play: the tokenization of its assets via the ONGX token. Thanks to its integration of smart contracts and the Ethereum blockchain’s ERC20 token standard, the company is able to offer independent investors an early-stage investment opportunity in pharmaceutical injectables as OncoGenerix executes on its revenue growth plan.

This method of investment brings significant advantages for participants due to the possibility of fractional ownership. It makes a previously inaccessible opportunity available to a wider range of smaller global investors. Likewise, it eliminates costly intermediaries and provides greater transparency via blockchain’s feature of secure and immutable recordkeeping. 

OncoGenerix has also established strategic partnerships with market leaders in Asia, Europe, and America to guide distribution and ensure the quality of its products. The company is led by a team of industry veterans with expertise in pharmaceutical operations, regulations, market growth, and development of intellectual property. Fintech advisory firm Alpha Capital helped OncoGenerix launch the ONGX token offering in May 2020.