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NEXUS World 2nd Stage Land Sale Announcement

By October 3, 2022 No Comments
Affyn (FYN) metaverse gaming cover image

After the 30X hype “Generation Zero Buddies” NFT sale in August, a new NEXUS World Land announcement has finally been published. In total, 100,000 Land NFTs – the foundation of NEXUS’ metaverse – have been made available to investors.

Advantages of Owning NEXUS World Land NFTs

The NEXUS team has set the goals of mass adoption, reaching out to all crypto communities, and being mainstream, which is not the case in other metaverse projects.

Player Traffic Will Be Your Income: The more people participate in the events in your Land NFT in the NEXUS World, the more rewards you get. Organize amazing events by expressing your creativity.

Attractive Lands with Unique Features: Each land has its own geographical location and natural characteristics suitable for its location. These natural properties are permanent and cannot be changed. Also, high-rarity lands will have both rewards and returns.

There are different types of Lands in NEXUS, with each having its own distinct visuals and features.

Prepare to be the Mayor of Your City: Every land is a city, with community members being its managers. Population registration is required for players to enter the NEXUS World. It is up to you to select the players who apply to live and play in your hometown. A portion of the earnings of all citizens is paid to you as the Mayor of the city. Being the leader of a metropolis will be both very enjoyable and very lucrative.

Additional advantages of owning NEXUS World Land:

  • Create companies on your land by offering your services.
  • Be the architect of your own land and personalize the identity and brand of your hometown.
  • Rent to other gamers to make money
  • Create contests, gatherings, and other events on your property to create a lively neighborhood.
  • Access to events and initiatives that are only available to landowners

How to Buy NEXUS World Land

There are only 100,000 Freehold Lands. 50% of these will be on sale for pre-game launch. Although the prices will increase, a 50% sale is reserved for the post-game launch.

If you want to take your place in the world of NEXUS, the first thing you need to do is BUY FLAGS.

The Flag Sale event will end in December 2022.

As stated in the first article, each Land (Common, Rare, Epic, and Mythical) has its own rarity and requires a separate amount of flags for each category. Each player has a maximum of 55 Flags. However, you can increase the number of flags to 55 by purchasing again after the land you purchased. Flags you purchase will appear on the Affyn Marketplace, but they are not transferable/tradable NFTs.

NEXUS NFTs are linked to real world coordinates.

City Launch

City displays will begin in December 2022. Choose your location, plant your flags and get your land at The sale will be done on a first-come, first-served basis. If you request, your lands will become NFTs that will appear as works of art on OpenSea. In the real world too, it will have geolocation, cell ID, latitude and longitude. Each NFT can eventually be utilized in the NEXUS World. More details about NEXUS World can be found:

More About Affyn

Affyn is a Singapore-based company. It develops mobile games using geolocation, augmented reality and blockchain technology. Affyn, which is a bridge between the economy in the game world and the economy in the real world, plays at the top of the Play2Earn category.