New Meme Token Dogeliens: A Serious Competition To Major Crypto Tokens Like Sandbox And Cosmos?

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Unlike other emerging meme coins, Dogeliens (DOGET) is an upcoming meme coin project with some practical applications. The project’s ultimate goal is to transform the crypto industry completely. DOGET intends to do it all, from spreading awareness of the DeFi (Decentralized Finance) environment to educating the masses and eventually ruling the metaverse.

This new meme token’s ambitious objectives and practical applications could pose a serious challenge to established players like The Sandbox (SAND) and Cosmos (ATOM). Read on to learn about SAND, ATOM, and DOGET’s tremendous objectives.

The P2E Platform – The Sandbox

The Sandbox network was made to serve as the primary hub for the purchase and sale of virtual goods. Users of The Sandbox can modify and customize their sessions by buying and selling NFTs.

The Sandbox platform is a decentralized gaming environment where a democratic form of government known as a Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO) is combined with non-fungible tokens (NFTs). Users of the Sandbox community can combine work and play by engaging in the practice of Play-to-Earn.

The Internet Of Blockchains – Cosmos

Through the use of the Interconnected Blockchain (IBC) protocol, Cosmos creates a distributed ecosystem that allows for the frictionless exchange of information and financial assets. It has released its coin, ATOM, for use in transactions on the network, such as staking, receiving rewards, and paying fees.

In research published not too long ago by Bloomberg, it was stated that Cosmos was one of only two proof-of-stake blockchains that may outperform Ethereum in terms of the returns that could be obtained by staking. Polkadot was the other successful alternative to Ethereum’s blockchain.

The New Meme Coin – Dogeliens

Meme coins like Dogeliens, with their specialized characteristics and novel use, have generated considerable interest in the cryptocurrency industry. The Puptopian dog aliens serve as the idea for this meme currency.

Beyond its innovative features and investor-friendly techniques, Dogeliens aims to capitalize on the success of popular meme coins like Dogecoin and Shiba Inu. There is also its coin, DOGET, which is utilized as the network’s principal cryptocurrency transaction method. The token will be utilized for staking, token exchanging, and liquidity pool provisioning, among other platform-wide transactions.

Users will be able to stake, buy, and trade tokens and currencies on the open-source platform without having to deal with intermediary entities. Potential customers will be able to make purchases in complete privacy and at a low cost. Dogeliens also provides its customers access to the University of Barkington, where they can take cryptocurrency and blockchain technology courses.

Users may expect entertaining video content and articles that make learning about these topics interesting and engaging. Three percent of the platform’s total revenue from each transaction will be donated to a designated charity wallet. After each month, the Dogeliens community would vote on which charity should get the funds collected during that month.

Approximately 950,000,000 DOGET tokens are available during the first stage of the presale. Currently, you can purchase 1000 tokens for the equivalent of 1USDT. To get the token, visit the presale website and connect a cryptocurrency wallet. The token can then be purchased with Ether (ETH), US Dollar Coin (USDT), or Binance Coin (BNB). As soon as the presale ends, buyers will be able to claim their tokens.

The DOGET cryptocurrency is a soon-to-be-released meme coin with a maximum quantity of 25 billion. Besides being a great source of fun, this meme initiative also has educational and financial potential.

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