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UpCro Announces Project Launch on EmpireDex

By January 25, 2022 No Comments

New Blockchain Projects Deep Dive

The blockchain ecosystem is driven by innovative projects adding value, impacting the economy, and creating structures enabling financial freedom and empowerment.

One of such platforms is Rootkit which makes use of the ERC-31337 standard, an open-source technology established by the team that makes use of liquidity seized from permanently locked liquidity pools in order to open up new possibilities for the cryptocurrency. Also, UpCRO, a product in the pipeline uses a new version of this ERC-31337 standard also called the elite token. This is used now by multiple teams and has even been put into Uniswap fork by the empire team. Also, there are elite tokens on the Kronos chain because someone utilizing Rootkit technology got there first and implemented it.

UpCro, a project built on ERC-31337

One such project is upCro, an innovative blockchain project, launching on the 25th of January, 2022, by a team of highly experienced industry experts. The team has a solid and well-tested plan to create massive liquidity on the first day of the launch and sustain it in an upward direction. While deciding on the launching platform, the team had the choice of VVS finance and EmpireDex. The decision to not go with the former was due to its heavy censorship model, which allows liquidity deposit but requires permission to execute trading. At the same time, the latter, i.e., EmpireDex, accommodates upCro tech, which is responsible for harnessing untapped liquidity and can be used for a wide range of activities.

In the past 12 months, the UpCro has had significant successes and made remarkable progress. Some of them include – the release of two tokens designed only to go up when you buy or sell it,  the releases of multiple NFT innovations, including Uniswap treatable 1155’s by shattering the NFTs into tokens and reforging them after, and the launch of 4 UpTokens, each with market generation events. This feat is remarkable as it places the team as one of those that launched the most token within the mentioned timeframe.

M.G.E General overview

Many teams have used the Market Generation Event (M.G.E.) contracts to launch dozens of tokens, and the contracts have proven to be highly effective. It’s the most equitable method of creating a market with permanently locked liquidity, according to the experts. Anyone can spend the same amount of money twice within the system to purchase tokens for users from the newly created market using the ERC31337 protocol. In the upEcosystem, the Rootkit team has launched the latest coin, UpCRO, which is designed to increase volatility against its main paired token and auto-refilling buy-back vaults. Before the launch, anyone can participate in the ongoing market generation event.

The Root team has consistently released innovative projects defying the norms. They have two main token class-up tokens and upOnly Tokens. The token names the UpTokens they are paired against in the main liquidity pools. UpCro is an example of UpTokens.

upCRO Market Generation Event Details

Almost a year after creating upCro Market Generation Event contracts, it still provides the best way to pool money and make a permanently locked market for a new token. 

There are many options built into the MGE contract and many decisions for teams to make when they launch projects. The settings for the upCRO MGE include several stages ranging from Generation – When anyone can send funds and Distribution & Activation – when tokens are released, and the markets go live.

As a forward-thinking team with a high-level commitment to their road map, they aim to schedule one major release or system upgrade per month to have eight to twelve make it live by the end of the year.

About Firmly Established Team

The Root team has been releasing innovative DeFi products for almost two years; if people say it’s impossible, we’ll give it a try. We take a unique approach to mechanical design and ecosystem expansion while constantly looking at markets from new perspectives. We have two main classes of tokens, UpTokens (ROOTS) and UpOnlyTokens (FLOWERS). UpTokens such as upCRO is named by the token they are paired against in the main liquidity pool. UpToken uses a fully redefined market structure based on volume, and they never go down in price; the price goes up on buying and up on selling.