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MoonXBT Releases Massive Plan for Cambodia After Obtaining Regulatory Recognition

By October 19, 2022 No Comments

Singapore / Oct 19 / On Oct 11th, MoonXBT, the leading crypto social trading exchange, signed an MOU with Securities and Exchange Regulator of Cambodia (SERC) in the capital of Cambodia. The chief director of SERC, Sou Socheat and the deputy head of division at securities and exchange commission of Cambodia, Pich Rithy were on the stage together with the representative from MoonXBT to celebrate the formation of the cooperation.

MoonXBT team

This marks MoonXBT’s obtaining of the highest level of recognition from the exchange and security regulation force of Cambodia government, which values even more than registering licences in certain countries or areas, for instance MSB in the United States and Canada. The signing of the MOU not only indicates MoonXBT’s compliance with the local regulations of Cambodia, but also lays the foundation for MoonXBT to operate in the country as a strategic partner to the central government.

MoonXBT is the second exchange to have signed the MOU with SERC following Binance. However, MoonXBT is to this date, the first and the only crypto exchange to have been invited to make a presentation regarding crypto adoption and digital assets at the conference full of government official attendees.

At the same ceremony, SERC also signed an MOU with China Development Institute, CDI, a high end think tank based in Shenzhen that develops policy solutions through research and debates to help advance China’s reform and opening-up. The fact that MoonXBT was chosen as a crypto exchange partner along with a Chinese high end think tank is a testament to its legitimacy, security, and professionalism.

Going forward, MoonXBT has made massive developments in Cambodia in compliance with Cambodia’s regulatory evolution with the experience it has accumulated in the crypto industry and in the regional market.

At the macro level, MoonXBT will provide consultancy regarding the strategy and security of digital assets to SERC. It will also help SERC with the development, adoption and implementation of the regulatory framework, laws and product of the innovative financial products including digital assets.

Within 3 years, MoonXBT plans to establish an innovative financial platform with the best rates and most beneficiary transaction fees for the Cambodia market. It will also help to promote the adoption of crypto through both online and offline channels in Cambodia.

MoonXBT will also make use of its strong R&D power to develop the identity recognition application for Cambodian citizens so that they could use it as a gateway to access the governmental websites at large. In addition, MoonXBT will also provide job opportunities and make injections to the talent pool of digital assets in Cambodia.

Moreover, with Cambodia as a founding stone, MoonXBT will expedite its compliance work in the entire Southeast Asia region and more so around the world. The partnership with SERC justifies MoonXBT as an trustworthy, reliable and safe crypto exchange which will make it more smooth for MoonXBT to obtain regulatory approval elsewhere.

In the meantime, MoonXBT will also take Cambodia as a centre spot to carry out innovations and will soon replicate the successful innovations in the region. “It will be a matter of time for MoonXBT to lead the growth of digital assets in the era of web3.0 in Cambodia and the region of Southeast Asia,” says Anderson, the country manager of MoonXBT from Indonesia.

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