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MMORPG Fantasy Game SOUNI (SON) Debuts on Bybit Launchpool

By March 9, 2022 No Comments

Key highlights:

  • SOUNI, an MMORPG metaverse built on BSC, is the latest project featured on Bybit Launchpool
  • Bybit users can stake their BIT holdings to farm SOUNI’s native SON governance tokens
  • There are a total of 136 million SON tokens allocated for Bybit Launchpool users

Earn SON by staking BIT, the farming period ends March 14

Bybit has kickstarted a Launchpool program for SOUNI, a blockchain-powered fantasy metaverse featuring MMORPG elements built on Binance Smart Chain (BSC). Bybit users will have the opportunity to use their BitDAO (BIT) holdings to earn staking rewards in the game’s native SON tokens. The farming period has started on March 8 and will last until March 14.

SOUNI features a special clan system that adds an interactive social component to the fantasy world and allows players to collaborate with each other to earn cryptocurrency rewards. The metaverse platform boasts a dual-token system. 

SON token is the platform’s governance token and allows users to participate in the project’s decision-making process. SON can be used to build NFT-powered in-game items and can be earned by completing various quests and by competing in various PvP events.

The platform’s secondary token, SRC, is used as in-game currency and can be obtained by depositing Binance USD (BUSD) at a 1:100 ratio. Conversely, SRC can be redeemed for BUSD at any time at a 100:1 quantity. SRC tokens can be spent to purchase treasure boxes and to trade exclusive items in the game’s own marketplace.

SOUNI on Bybit Launchpool – How to Earn SON by Staking BIT on Bybit?

There are a total of 136 million SON tokens (out of the total supply of 10 billion tokens) allocated to be distributed to BIT stakers via the Launchpool program. At the time of this writing, Bybit users have the opportunity to earn a whopping 160% APY on their BIT pool investment. Keep in mind that rewards are subject to change and are updated daily, at 12:00 AM UTC.

In order to participate in the SON Launchpool, users must have at least 100 BIT at their disposal in their verified Bybit account.