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MappedSwap Announces Month-Long Dual Campaign Event. 1 Million MST in Giveaways and Prize Pool

By April 13, 2022 No Comments

Decentralized cross-margin exchange MappedSwap is going to launch two interactive campaigns starting on the 13th of April. The campaign will see 800,000 MST native MST tokens being offered to users.

One Event, Two Campaigns

MappedSwap, with its low slippage tolerance, high liquidity and staking features is a decentralized platform that is created to bring ease of DeFi and trading to its users. The platform is launching two different campaigns in order to promote its use.

The first campaign is a giveaway, with 600,000 MST up for grabs. Available on a first come first served basis, the campaign consists of two tasks that users must perform in order to claim MST (limited to 12 tokens per user). The first task requires users to like and share the official tweet regarding the promotion, along with tagging three friends. The second task takes the form of a treasure hunt, with users required to watch a video by MappedSwap and locate a hidden code.

Once the code is found, users can head to the first campaign section on the MappedSwap website and submit the required details along with the code. The MappedSwap team will verify and qualified users will be contacted within 24 hours through their submitted Telegram handle, with the MST credit to their account found on the referral page on MappedSwap’s website.

Once the first campaign has been successfully completed, users can start the second one. This time, three different tasks must be completed sequentially. The first task is to share their referral code on Twitter. The first 10,000 users to finish this task will receive 5 USDM each. The second task will see users completing an accumulated $1,000 valued trades. This is across all MappedSwap trades. Limited to 4,000 users, it is also a first come first served task and each successful participant will receive 50 MST. The third task will be completed by users who are able to maintain an absolute profit of $10,000 or above for the first two weeks (ending 28th April). Limited to the first 1,000 successful participants, each will win 500 MST, which will be automatically staked.

However, the grand prize from the second campaign will be calculated at the end of the event, with 200,000 MST tokens being distributed among the top 20 traders with the most absolute profit.

The Campaign Special MST Stake

With its staking features, MappedSwap allows users to commit their MST to gain high yields and rebates on trade fees. While a minimum of $100,000 weekly trade volume and 2,000 MST must be staked to start earning yield, MappedSwap is offering two special levels during the event.

Level 10 has no minimum requirement and gives a 5% yield on staked MST. When a user completes the first campaign, their rewarded tokens are automatically staked at this level.

Level 9 is automatically available to second campaign participants as it requires a minimum of 500 MST staked (which are awarded after the third task) and can avail 15% yield by trading a minimum $100,000 weekly volume will move them up to level 8.

About MappedSwap

MappedSwap is a decentralized cross-margin trading platform that offers fast transactions, high liquidity and low slippage. Built on the Eurus Blockchain, it offers some of the best features in the crypto world:

  • Up to $6 billion in liquidity through Eurus
  • Transaction confirmations in 2 seconds.
  • Slippage as low as 0.01%
  • Up to 10x leverage.

The use of the Eurus Blockchain also means that users do not have to rely on custodial services. With their private wallets holding all the funds, their funds are always in their control.