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Legendary Video Game Company Atari to Launch Casino in Decentraland

By March 12, 2021 No Comments

Key highlights:

  • Atari is planning to establish a cryptocurrency casino in Decentraland virtual space next month
  • The majority of the profits generated by the casino (88%) will go to the Decentral Games DAO

Atari is well-known in the world of video games. The video game giant aims at building a casino in “Vegas City,” which is an area in the virtual space of Decentraland. The district imitates the real town, which is famous for gambling. 

Atari has an important partnership with the Digital Currency Group-backed Decentral Games for these crypto casino projects. Atari is a legendary video game company which was founded in 1972. The crypto space has attracted the company’s attention, and now it has its own crypto named ATRI. The crypto is an ERC-20 token on the Ethereum Blockchain, and it was launched in October 2020. 

What is Decentraland (MANA)?  

Decentraland is a completely virtual world, and users can obtain digital pieces of land to build, reshape, and make revenue. Decentraland is an Ethereum-based project, and it provides a three-dimensional virtual world where users can own land and objects thanks to blockchain technology. 

Users can buy LAND in Decentaland, which is a non-fungible asset. When the users buy LAND, they can use it to create their own three-dimensional scenes and various services.

Pieces of land can aggregate and form districts. We can consider these districts as communities that have their contents and themes. For instance, Vegas and Halloween are two districts with their special themes. 

The new crypto casino from Atari

Atari, which announced its plans for the casino in November, has rented the virtual land for the new crypto casino. The initial contract is for two years.

According to eports, most of the profit (88%) will belong to the Decentral Games DAO treasury. The benefits will be utilized to expand innovative features and sharing awards with the Decentral Games community. 

Atari is making multiple efforts in the cryptocurrency and blockchain space, and also plans to make collectibles that are useful in various games. 

The explosive market of NFTs is an appealing target for Atari, and the company’s partnership with Enjin is aimed in this direction. Through Enjin’s solutions, developers can bring interesting elements enabled by blockchain into their games. Atari is an ambitious company, and crypto casinos are not the only goal for the company.