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Kingdomverse Is Set to Launch After Releasing Its First Mobile Game in Closed Alpha

By August 17, 2022 No Comments
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Key Takeaways

  • Kingdomverse is set to bridge the metaverse with casual games and an interesting ecosystem of 3D virtual worlds
  • The first mobile game in the Kingdomverse is already released in closed Alpha mode
  • The Kingdomverse will allow players to create and build a community in the metaverse, participate in leisure games to develop the community, and also square up against other communities
  • Kingdomverse will support play-to-earn, NFTs, and staking functionalities among others

With the release of Defend The Kingdom, Kingdomverse advances further into the metaverse. Before its official launch, a closed Alpha version of this mobile game is now available to everyone in the Monkey Kingdom community.

As the metaverse evolves, Kingdomverse becomes the first in this field to welcome new users to a unique gaming niche. Beyond casual mobile games, the company creates an ecosystem where fascinating and creative games make up a 3D virtual world. Players can participate in a variety of games with options for play-to-earn in Kingdomverse. The company strongly emphasizes interaction and immersion, making it a force to reckon with in the metaverse.

Strategic Gaming for Kingdomverse Citizens

Kingdomverse gamers are expected to play with strategic mindsets. Each player can create a “self-owned Kingdom”, which will serve as their base of operations. With great customization options, these Kingdoms can be used to engage in combat with other players and gain extra rewards. Every Kingdom can also develop into a community as more players can participate by staking NFTs to become citizens. Ultimately, the community will contribute to the development of the Kingdom and its battle with other kingdoms/players.

Citizens within a community in Kingdomverse can square up in simple mobile games for leisure and community development. Playing these casual games will allow players to unlock in-game resources such as buildings, armour, and other assets that give their Kingdom an advantage over opponents. Every activity and operation in the game has a reason and an incentive, but there is no obligation to explore every option unless the player decides to do so.

Fascinating and Rewarding Gaming Experience for Citizens of the Metaverse

The Monkey Kingdom community now has access to a closed Alpha version of the first mobile game in the Kingdomverse. Teams of five heroes will face opponents in PvP or Co-op mode in “Defend The Kingdom” which is a fun tower defence game. Owners of Monkey Legend NFTs can play this game for a chance to earn special rewards and prizes, such as NFT upgrades. In addition, Defend The Kingdom will have a dual-token economy and play-to-earn features when it debuts.

Looking Ahead

Commenting on the project, the Chief Strategy Officer of Kingdomverse, Josh Kovac, enthused:

 “Kingdomverse will be the first cross-platform metaverse experience. We are very excited for players to test out the first casual game that will be linked to the wider Kindomverse ecosystem”.

The Monkey Legend NFT collection will come to life on mobile devices in Defend The Kingdom’s closed Alpha version. It will present a fantastic chance for fans to earn incentives and amazing prizes based on how well they perform during the closed Alpha. Unique cosmetic upgrades for NFTs, physical products, and certified collectables are all available as rewards. Interested parties can learn more about Kindgomverse and what it intends to bring to the metaverse by visiting their website or connecting through their various social media handles like Twitter, Instagram, and Discord.