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Jigstack Makes DeFi Easy To Use For The Masses

By February 18, 2021 No Comments

The DeFi market has picked up where it left last year, scaling even to greater heights in 2021. There is over $37 billion in total value locked (TVL) on Ethereum, and this figure is expected to continue rising. The explosive growth has seen some developers within the space abandon the core aspect of DeFi, which is decentralization, as they move quickly to cash in the ongoing buzz. DeFi strives to decentralize various aspects of traditional finance, thereby making services such as credit, insurance, and more available to everyone within the society.

As the DeFi ecosystem stands today, it’s highly fractured with over 355,000 tokens contracts, and the list keeps growing each day. Rather than have these contracts adhere to a unified standard, various developers continue to do things as they please. It’s no longer a valid strategy that keeps fracturing DeFi further and creates unsustainable models.

It’s this problem Jigstack tries to solve through a decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) that promotes quality assurance, brand confidence, reduced risk, and collective power. A simple and elegant solution caters for tokens launches, marketing, and an affiliate scheme all under the same umbrella. This solution is compatible with every Ethereum wallet, which makes its integration easy.

Jigstack Products

The first two products for Jigstack are Lemonade and Ethlink. Lemonade aims to return power and control to the user, allowing everyone involved to achieve financial freedom in a permissionless and automated environment. The concept is molded in the shape of a lemonade stand that is easy to implement and operate without third parties’ interference.

Lemonade serves as a permissionless and hands-free automation DeFi and token launchpad that puts power and control in the users’ hands. And unlike other implementations that are likely to exploit the end-user, with Lemonade, there are no marketers, banks, or third parties to worry about. This platform offers project owners an experience that is similar to running an independent lemonade stand but includes exposure to decentralized financial services.

Who Can Use Lemonade

Lemonade is an excellent tool for anyone who is looking to run a digital token issuance or sale. Its potential usage and impact is limitless since you can tokenize everything on the blockchain. Imagine having to conduct a crowd sale within minutes and not having to worry about being compromised or inconvenienced by intermediaries. This platform offers project owners the freedom to conduct business as they wish without answering to a central authority.

Thanks to this solution, anyone with a working project in hand can achieve tremendous success within decentralized finance. But, success isn’t just guaranteed, and one has to do everything the right way. Projects that opt to leverage the Lemonade platform will be seen as legitimate from day one and will tap into a vast pool of Ethereum users worldwide.

Compared to other launchpads, Lemonade has the cheapest solution for token issuers. It charges a flat fee of 1% of the entire token distribution plus an additional 0.5% marketing bounty. Then 1% of the raised amount has to be put into the network vault – all terms that are quite favorable and acceptable compared to exuberant fees charged by other token launchpads that offer little power to the user.

Ethlink: An Affiliate Marketing Solution

The other product of Jigstack DAO is Ethlink, and it’s geared towards helping projects boost their sales via affiliate marketing in a more efficient and cost friendly manner. This tool is an automated MLM sales and marketing reward tool which replaces traditional centralized affiliate systems with an autonomous solution that rewards users directly.

This allows a project to create its own affiliate campaign within seconds and gain exposure to a global network of users. The users who opt to promote the project will earn a commission paid directly to their Ethereum wallets after individuals click on the ad from their website or social media accounts and go to the project’s page and make a purchase credited to the affiliate link owner. The whole process is automated and runs smoothly, creating a passive income for the project promoter, which gives more people an incentive to promote a given project.

Jigstack plans to launch more products that improve and make DeFi more accessible for the average person, ensuring they get the most benefits. The initial products Lemonade and Ethlink, go well as bread and butter. And projects can combine them to create automated promotional campaigns and sit back and watch as their brands grow exponentially.