Japanese Artist Hiro Ando’s Artworks on Samurai Cats are Set for a Grand Launch

By January 4, 2022 No Comments

Consisting of 4,747 NFT collections created by Crazy Noodles Studio, its official launch date is set on 5th January 2022.

Non-fungible tokens or NFT’s as they’re popularly known the world over have been gaining popularity and have marked a strong presence around the online sphere. Until now, it was a hard task to decipher what’s original, especially in the art industry of the works that were on a digital platform. It would just be easy for anyone to copy an image, and it would be yours. NFTs have changed this as they are tracked in a ledger called blockchain. If someone mints an original piece of art as an NFT, they can be assured that they are buying the original piece and are the rightful owners of the genuine creation. To push the art space further Crazy Noodles Studio, co-founded by Japanese artist Hiro Ando have jumped into this sphere by introducing Samurai Cats NFT, which is a collection of Ando’s artworks. These would be publicly launched on the 5th of January 2022.

Surprisingly, popular American music producer and DJ of Japanese descent Steve Aoki has also joined the Samurai Cats team, as he found the project to be interesting and of great value. He already owns one of Ando’s Samurai Cats and has been an avid follower of his works. He says that he is proud to be associated with the project and is looking forward to its public launch early this month. Hiro Ando has gained immense popularity owing to his expansive work which ranges from painting, digital media, sculpture, and videos. He has been greatly inspired by the streets of Tokyo and Manga, which has made him create some outstanding sculptures which have been liked by many worldwide. This eminent artist stepped into the creative world in 1995 as an illustrator and since then has churned out some of the most beautiful masterpieces which have gained a massive following. Now, with the introduction of this NFT project, he wants to take the art world to the next level as he strongly feels that digital is the future and the entire world will gradually transition towards it in the coming times.

Crazy Noodles, which was co-founded by Ando has grown into a full-fledged talented team of 10 who have come up with this interesting project which is set to take the industry by storm. A total of 4,747 Samurai Cats are being offered on the platform, with each guaranteeing authenticity. It is a perfect platform for the buyers as well as the artist to navigate between real and digital space with ease. Samurai Cats consist of digital collectibles based on the Ethereum blockchain, assembled from over 300 layers hand drawn by Ando himself. The NFT membership also gives users access and a lot of benefits, including premium membership in their upcoming “Galerie Club” in the metaverse.

To know more about Samurai Cats, visit its official website www.samuraicats.io or connect to their Instagram on: www.instagram.com/samuraicats_by_hiroando.