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Is This the Next Generation Blockchain?

By December 7, 2021 No Comments

The past decade has witnessed the rise of several revolutionary technologies but none has had the impact of cryptocurrencies. It has given rise to a trillion-dollar industry that continues to grow daily. 

The beauty of blockchain technology is that it isn’t limited to a particular sector. For example, the concept of cryptocurrency initially proposed by Satoshi Nakamoto was heavily focused on transforming the finance sector. However, crypto has expanded beyond finance and can be applied in sports, entertainment, supply management and more. 

Unsurprisingly, there is a rush by many institutions and individuals towards adopting blockchain solutions in their businesses and everyday life. Bitcoin and Ethereum, as the two initial cryptocurrencies, have made a significant impact on the blockchain industry but have their limitations in scalability and high transaction costs. 

This has led to calls for a next-generation cryptocurrency that can be highly scalable and yet maintain low transaction fees. BixBcoin is a blockchain protocol that seeks to fill this void with its innovative ecosystem. 

A unique blockchain approach

BixBcoin (BIXB) has developed its native blockchain based on a decentralized architecture that supports fast transactions at low costs. Its blockchain is secured by a group of people called miners that contribute their computing power to solve complex mathematical equations and maintain the integrity of BixBcoin. 

BixBcoin has deployed an incentive system for miners for their activities and this ensures that its blockchain is one of the safest. Transactions with BixBcoin can be tracked since they are recorded on its native BixBexplorer

BixBcoin has also gained a reputation of launching innovative financial-based blockchain solutions. Some of its popular dApps includes Loanypto, a lending platform where users can lock their BIXB tokens for rewards in interests. 

There is a growing push from merchants and businesses to accept crypto payments. BixBcoin makes this possible with its payment gateway BixBpay. Businesses can integrate the payment API directly in their stores and receive crypto payments within a few minutes. Unlike other expensive options, BixBpay is very cheap and charges only 0.001% in transaction fees. 

In addition, BixBpay comes with a dashboard where businesses can track crypto transactions from customers, prepare customized invoices and more. 

A fast-growing ecosystem 

BixBcoin has been able to establish itself as a key stakeholder in the blockchain industry. Its native token BIXB has received massive adoption and acceptance on several platforms. In addition, BixBcoin has launched an incentive program with crypto exchange Hotbit for BIXB holders. 

BIXB holders will be able to stake their assets on Hotbit for interests of up to 60.60% APY. This according to BixBcoin is meant to serve as an incentive to long-term holders since the lock-period is 90-days. BIXB can be traded on several platforms including Coinsbit, Hotbit and BIXB Exchange. To learn more about BixBcoin visit their website