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Invest in an Established IT Company at an Early Stage

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About Chatforma 

Chatforma is the most affordable smart bot builder. They have been operating on the market since 2017, more than 2,500,000 users use bots created on site. This is an operating company that has been operating and developing for 4 years. All this time, they have been achieving the stated goals and providing the most affordable opportunity for creating chatbots for businesses in Russia and the CIS. In this way, the company helps entrepreneurs improve the service for their customers by providing a simple, understandable and functional platform for automating business communications with their potential and existing customers.


Chatforma Ico are developing this ecosystem for more efficient and inexpensive settlements, they have created the own blockchain-based internal currency called C-BOT (CBT), which can later be used to pay for the company’s services. The CVT token will appear on cryptocurrency exchanges, and as the company develops, its price will only grow. For holders of this currency there will be special benefits and privileges.

Total emission and distribution parameters of CBT tokens

Private Sale – 8 566 233

Public Pre Sale – 31 433 767

Development Team – 20 000 000

Reward Fund – 30 000 000

Reserve Fund – 110 000 000

Total CBT Tokens200 000 000

USDT/CBT offer price including discount throughout the pre-sale

After the pre-sale of CBT, listing on the crypto-exchange begins. Initially, there will be listing on PancakeSwap decentralized exchange, then bidding on centralized exchanges such as Gate, Mexc, Huobi and Bithumb. Chatforma main goal is placement on the Binance crypto exchange. First trading pairs: CBT/BTC; CBT/BNB CBT/USDT. Then more pairs will be added.

Taking into account the total capitalization of the CBT token, by the time of entering the exchange, the expected price for the start of sales of the token is 0.075 USDT / CBT. The detailed business model and current financial performance of the company are reflected in the Whitepaper.

Each user will have access to the investor’s personal account

Chatforma investor’s office displays statistics on an individual account and general information. You can buy a CBT token in just a few clicks. For maximum security, they do not store investor tokens: the investor’s cabinet is synchronized with your personal Metamask secure wallet.

How to purchase Chatforma tokens?

  1. Register in the participation form by clicking the button below, and specialist will contact you to answer your existing questions.
  2. Install the Metamask crypto wallet and add Chatforma CBT tokens (follow the instructions for adding a Metamask wallet, adding a BSC network, adding a Chatforma CBT token).
  3. The sale of the token will be carried out in the investor’s office on the 2nd of June 2022.
  4. The accrual of CBT tokens to participants in the “Private and Public rounds, as well as participants in the Bounty program” will be made from July 10 at 10% per week.

What is С-BOT (CBT)?

С-ВОТ (СВТ) – own internal currency based on the blockchain, which can later be used to pay for the company’s services. In the future, the CBT token will appear on cryptocurrency exchanges. The holders of this token and the company’s clients will receive special benefits and privileges.

How can earn?

  1. Buy CBT at an early stage at a low price, then sell at a later stage at a high price
  2. Referral program 5%
  3. Bonus user status “Tier”
  4. Participate in the “Bounty Program”
  5. Get rewarded for “Staking”

Terms of work implementation

They are successfully moving along the roadmap and fulfilling tasks with confidence. They expanded the staff of developers, increased the number of servers, launched the own affiliate program module inside the constructor, launched Instagram bots, bots for managing chats and channels in Telegram, etc.

Founders of the Chatforma project

Roman Gorobchenko – Founder and CEO

Evgeny Khodchenkov – For 14 years (since 2007) he has been professionally engaged in private investment and work with promising Russian startups