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Hybrix Offers a Crypto Trading Feature – Swapping on Multiple Ledgers

The launch of Bitcoin over a decade ago opened up limitless opportunities for the development of various projects, crypto wallets one of those. As the name implies, cryptocurrency wallets have been designed to enable you to store various crypto assets.

While the crypto wallet market is currently experiencing a massive boom with the influx of various wallets ranging from hardware to mobile and computer wallets, a couple of problems linger. According to statistics, the number of crypto wallet users has grown significantly, besting its all-time high of 5.6 million new users.

With nearly a 190% increase in the number of crypto owners according to, there’s a need to offer these users a safe, reliable, and seamless platform to exchange and store their cryptocurrencies.

Whilst this market is growing exponentially, the problems affecting it has delayed the growth and have made prospective users bearish. For example, a few of the existing wallets charge network fees when exchanging one coin for another.

Swapping a coin for another on a couple of wallets like would require network gas which sometimes could run into $50-$60. Besides this, most of these wallets do not offer seamless coin swaps. Depending on the platform, most wallets take at least 30 minutes to swap a coin for another. Coupled with outrageous network fees and the slow swap speed, prospective users have had to resort to exchange platforms, an impressive albeit unsafe platform to store coins. The recent exchange hacks are proof of the unsafe and unreliable nature of these crypto exchanges as perfect Bitcoin or altcoin storage platforms.

With all of these problems currently affecting this decade-long industry, there’s a need for a reliable, seamless, and secure wallet platform that will enable coin swap on multiple ledgers.

To solve all of these problems, an advanced and innovative crypto project has been launched — the Hybrix platform.

Hybrix, according to the developers, is a technically borderless cross-ledger platform that has been built to enable crypto users to swap, store, and build applications on a wide range of ledgers, seamlessly. In a bid to solve all of the problems facing the crypto wallet industry, Hybrix incorporates a unique feature — Wallet 2.0.

According to the website, this feature will enable crypto owners to conveniently hold, store, swap, send, and receive tokens hassle-free. Supporting a myriad of tokens on a wide range of blockchains, this borderless platform seeks to enable you to receive and store almost all kinds of tokens in one wallet, eliminating the need to have more than one account for various chains.

In terms of security, Hybrix prioritizing user experience has integrated a ton of advanced security protocols that will secure all cryptocurrencies stored on the platform. With the number of crypto owners steadily increasing, especially from developing countries who see these virtual assets as perfect alternatives to their falling local currencies, Hybrix seeks to offer them an all-in-one platform — hold, swap, send, receive, and surprisingly, trade coins easily. That’s not all.

Unlike a few wallets and exchanges, Hybrix presently supports the trading, sending, swapping, and holding of over 407 tokens [ERC-20 tokens included], way more than most exchanges do. Additionally, this cross-ledger platform supports 30 blockchains.

With its native token, the HY token, Hybrix seeks to completely revolutionize the crypto wallet industry by offering coin swap on multiple ledgers, a unique and never-seen-before feature.


With the number of crypto wallet users increasing rapidly, there’s a need for an all-inclusive platform. Hybrix was developed to be that platform. Presently the first to enable swap on multiple ledgers, the borderless platform seeks to pioneer a change in how crypto wallets function.