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5 Ways to be Smarter than Pump & Dump Groups + A Step-by-Step Guide

By April 19, 2018 No Comments

When we brainstormed about building there was one recurring question: “Should we actually build this site?” Personally, we don’t believe in Pump & Dump schemes at all; we never wasted our time on it; We think it’s unethical and it certainly doesn’t help Crypto.

On the contrary, we believe it’s CoinCheckup’s mission to make Crypto more transparent.

“Pump & Dump is a part of crypto”. It’s a fact, it’s reality, it’s what happens in crypto, whether we like it or not. Somebody has to show what’s going on in the “crypto pump and dump scene”. This is the reason we build the CoinCheckup Pump & Dump site.

How do Pump & Dump groups work?

Interesting question. The answer is less complicated than you might think.

Basically, these groups gain popularity using common (social media) marketing techniques. They start websites with a “user only section”, Facebook groups and/or Telegram groups and promote these on their social channels. Almost all of them are promising “you that the sky is the limit”. Like my papa said:

If it sounds to good to be true, it’s probably too good to be true.

If you want to be a part of their “inner circle” you likely have to pay the group a monthly fee. This makes it feel more exclusive.

The process

  1. The founders of the group pick a coin that they’ll pump. These are usually small cap coins. They will start buying the coin before anybody else knows that they will pump it. They buy, smaller amounts, Piece by piece without driving up the price too much but it’s their incentive to gain as much of the cryptocurrency before anyone else does. Anyhow because these are small-cap coins you will likely already see a little pump occur before the actual big pump occurs. Let’s call it the pre-pump-stage. This pre-pump-stage, is the moment to buy if you want to make some profit.
  2. The group communicates the pump to their inner circle, usually the paid users, and they start driving up the price. The founders might already sell some of their stakes so they push some risk off the table.
  3. The group communicates, via social media, and to their followers (also the ones that don’t have a paid subscription)  that a coin is pumping.
    People see double-digit green numbers so they start buying while the founders and inner circle slowly start selling more of their stake. Once there’s a sign the growth stops they sell big time and the Pump becomes a dump.
    Note that most of their stake is already sold and multi-digit-percent profit is made.
pump and dump


Why would you use our P&D site?

There are several use cases.

  1. Out of general interest and curiosity, on what’s pumping.
  2. To prevent investing in coins;
  3. To buy frequent pumping coins when they are down.
  4. To make small bets on coins that are pumping;
  5. To Be the smartest!!
The only reason why Pump & Dump schemes work is because people like to buy when the numbers are green! It just feels better. Click To Tweet

We’ll go into these 4 use cases below.

How to be smarter than Pump & Dump Groups!?

DISCLAIMER: Everything I say in this chapter (below) is NO INVESTMENT ADVICE, please proceed AT OWN RISK! 🙂

1. Be curious but, just don’t invest at all in pumping cryptos.

This is likely the safest thing to do. That being said. You can use our site of general interest and curiosity, on what’s pumping while not getting involved. This is what I personally like to do. It’s fascinating to see what’s going on.

2. Now you know what “not to invest in”.

You can also use the P&D site to see what to “not invest in” if you’re looking for the more stable longer-term crypto investments, the cryptocurrencies that pump and dump frequently are likely not your safest bet.

3. Some coins are pumping time after time. Buy the pumping-crypto when it’s fully dumped.

The pump and dump groups have their favorites. You can use the Pump & Dump site to see what’s pumping the most. Don’t buy when the coin is actually pumping. Buy when the coin dumped and wait a couple of days, weeks, months, set your sell orders, and when it pumps you’re the first one to make some nice profit.

Note that there’s obviously a risk the crypto you buy will never pump again. You should be 100% aware of this risk. That being said. We’ve seen some coins pump, time after time again.

4. Make small bets on coins that are pumping.

When you actually see something pumping on the Pump & Dump site you could buy it directly and sell it a couple of percentages higher. The trick is to not be greedy and too not invest too much capital. There’s still a high risk but you might be able to make some quick percentages profit if you stick to these roles.

Also, you can use a technology or do manual research to check if some merchants have integrated these crypto coins. For example, casino like Fortune Clock UK is popular among British players and always works on the integration of new payment methods. So when you see some new coins there, hurry up and invest in this crypto with no doubts.

5. Be the smartest!! But how?

The 3-step process + tips on how to be smarter than the pump & dump groups! Click To Tweet

Again, this is no investment advice, it’s just my common sense opinion of what’s going on. I did not test this method with real money since I don’t have the time nor the motivation, but I did follow the example coin: Legends Room and I could have made some nice double-digit percentages based on this method.

  1. Check what’s pumping
    • I found epic “Legends Room” is pumping at the time I write this article.
  2. Make sure it does not pump like crazy (yet). You can check the chart on Is there some small growth visible without a spike?
    • If a coin is pumping like crazy you might already be too late.
    • If a coin pumped in the past it’s usually a sign it might pump again.
    • If a coin currently pumps a little bit, continue.
  3. Go to, search the name of the coin and check the coin overview page. For example (while I’m writing this article): Legends room is pumping. I’m checking Legends room on
    • Check the news, is there news-wise no reason for this growth?
    • Check the fundamentals and the algo.score, does this coin have a reason to grow, would any (bigger) investor have a “real reason” to buy the Crypto for long-term hold?
    • Check the Technical analysis, is there a strong buy signal?
    • If the answer to these questions is NO. Then there’s a big change that the crypto is in a pre-pump phase and it might be a good time to buy it and put in direct sell orders.

Again, just my opinion, no advise. 

  • If you set sell orders, set diverse small sell orders so people keep buying the actual crypto while you are selling as the pump continuous.
  • Don’t be greedy, don’t forget 10% is a crazy amount of profit, yes in crypto you can occasionally make 100% in 1 hour but just don’t be too greedy.
  • Invest an amount of money that is similar to the current trading volume so you can get out of your position quickly with a bit of profit

Good luck, and be careful.

Yeah, you need some “Good luck”. Involving yourself in pump & dump schemes is very risky. Please do your own research before you make an investment in any cryptocurrency.  It is NOT recommended at all to make any investment (in anything) “just because the price goes up”. We don’t recommend anyone to be involved with pumps & dumps. Besides, that CoinCheckup will not motivate any pump and dump scheme since we consider it highly unethical!