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Here’s How Cryptocurrencies, NFTs And Blockchain Can Help Content Creators Become Financially Independent

By January 12, 2022 No Comments

Many would agree that the world is currently undergoing a massive shift in terms of digitalization. This is true for essentially all parts of our society, from medicine, to education, to the military, to finance. This field of financial technology can and has taken many forms, however none have been as prominent or relevant within the last decade as that of cryptocurrencies, NFTs and blockchain.

Whether it be the flagship cryptocurrency, Bitcoin (BTC), or one of the numerous alternatives such as Ethereum (ETH), Polkadot (DOT) or Cardano (ADA), the simple truth is that people from all walks of life, and especially content creators and artists who have often struggled to secure funds in the past, are now relying on this new kind of technology to make ends meet and to gain recognition.

A new era for content creators

With increasing digitalization comes more chances to branch out and explore new opportunities. As such, content creators and artists from a wide variety of backgrounds, fields and interests are all becoming increasingly interconnected and are using the aforementioned cryptocurrencies along with NFTs (non-fungible tokens) to interact with one another in a meaningful way. 

It is with that exact mindset that the decentralized media launchpad called Flickto was formed, which is a Cardano-based platform designed specifically to help content creators obtain funds and decide which projects deserve to receive financial backing as well. Moreover, as the value of many cryptocurrencies grows over time, users who earn FLICK along with various other tokens through similar projects can then sell the digital assets in order to earn a sizable income. There is also Flickonomics, which essentially serves as the intersection between cryptocurrencies, business and the media. It is the branch of knowledge which is concerned with the transfer, consumption and production of wealth in the media.

Things are now made even easier thanks to FLICK being listed on ADAX CEX and launchpad, a one-stop location for trading within Cardano’s ecosystem. ADAX also lets its users take part in censorship-resistant and non-custodial transactions which occur within this ecosystem at an affordable cost, which makes it all the more attractive for those who may be struggling financially.

The importance of IDOs

IDOs (Initial DEX Offerings) are crucial in this industry. IDO platforms, also known as cryptocurrency launchpads, are mainly used for launching new coins and crypto-oriented projects, as well as generating liquidity. An IDO is hence a financing platform for any new project that is launched on a decentralized exchange platform utilising tokens or coins.

The aforementioned Flickto had a very successful IDO recently, one which saw various content creators, traders, investors and more come together to collectively take part in the sale rounds. This serves as proof that not only are events such as IDOs significant, but they could also be the key to helping artists and content creators alike become financially independent in the future.