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HeadHunter Offers Users their Own Private Virtual NFT Gallery

By April 27, 2021 No Comments

People have always been interested in collecting things, and we are not even the only species that does that. Think of crows that tend to collect shiny objects in their nests as then consider them valuable. We are really the same, only we tend to collect a variety of other things as well. 

Doing this is a great hoby, as it allows you to surround yourself with things you feel passionate about. Regardless of what you collect, be it baseball cards, action figures, stamps, sports items, or anything else — we are proud of our collections and like to store it and display it for others to see.

Of course, this is easy enough to do when you have a stamp collection, as all you need is an album. If, on the other hand, you like to collect priceless pieces of art, things get a bit more complicated. In fact, storing and displaying collectibles is the most troublesome part of collecting things.

However, it doesn’t have to be that way. In this day and age, with digital collectibles and tokenized versions of real-world collectibles, storing and displaying collections of anything can be extremely simple and very cheap, and that is what HeadHunter project wants to achieve.

What is HeadHunter?

HeadHunter is a new NFT project that offers users to collect Heads — digital art collectibles drawn by an accomplished NFT artist, RektmeRev. The artist has created 666 Heads, and each acts as a key to a private NFT island, where users can display their NFTs, customize it in any way they desire, create a trophy room, and even display 3rd-party NFT tokens, thus displaying their ownership of other kinds of items and collectibles, as well.

More than that, purchasing Heads comes with extra benefits, such as being allowed to take part in the project’s governance and help decide which way the development is heading, or taking part in the interactive NFT marketplace under the principle of Barter and Partial Barter.

Users are also entitled to a share of the platform’s profit — 25% of all the revenue that the platform generates. And all of that is only what is possible already. There are many more plans for the future, such as introducing an AMM for NFT exchanges, which would initiate the trade, and allow people to acquire desired items that are currently in someone else’s possession.

The platform’s primary and long-term goal is to address the fundamental lack of two aspects that trouble real-world collecting, which are storage and display. By using NFTs and creating a virtual trophy room, the project allows people to bypass both of these issues, and still be able to show off their collection. Hot only that, but each of the islands and parcels of virtual land will be interconnected through a so-called ‘Hub World,’ where the holders will be able to organize and decorate their galleries in any way they see fit.

The NFT Trend Still Going Strong

Ever since this year has started, the crypto industry has been seeking a new trend. While DeFi is still going strong after kicking off in 2020, the crypto industry wanted to shift its attention to something new, and eventually, they chose NFTs. Since then, the NFT market has exploded, countless celebrities have entered it, and people even started being creative with it.

One example includes letting humanoid robots create art, and then selling it as NFTs. The art created by Sophia the Robot — the robot’s self-portrait — was sold for nearly $700,000.

The NFTs are definitely making tokenization explode, while at the same time, the trend is exploring all the possibilities of this process, and bringing new ways of using cryptocurrencies and blockchain — from allowing and encouraging easy partial ownership of pretty much anything that people might be willing to buy, to creating augmented realities to display their collections.