Get Yourself A Free Tesla While Trading Crypto

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If you are a crypto trader and you want to do more to decrease your carbon footprint, then you will be interested to join our contest. In addition to multiplying your cryptocurrency via our innovative Multi HODL tool, you also get the opportunity to win a free Tesla Model 3, Vespa Elettrica or Electric Mountain Bike.

In collaboration with Impact Scope, a company that is focused on decreasing the carbon footprint of their customers, we will be offsetting your Bitcoin transaction carbon footprint.

We will also send you a certificate for your participation in this contest. Crypto Carbon Emissions Offset from Impact Scope will be given to all participants of the promo, regardless if they win or not. This way everyone can feel involved and help us fight against climate change.

Our partners, Impact Scope will help to restore the environment in Kenya, Wetlands in Borneo, and Rainforests in Brazil. To do it we are offsetting your Bitcoin carbon footprint. All projects offsetting done by Impact Scope are audited by Verra, the global leading program to tackle the world’s environmental and social issues.

How to Win A Tesla with YouHodler

This promo is only for our users who have an account on the YouHodler platform. If you haven’t already, don’t miss this chance to enter and win a Tesla Model 3 or Vespa Elettrica, or Electric Mountain Bike.

Multi HODL is a margin trading tool that allows traders to take advantage of the volatility in the crypto market despite not being an expert in trading and crypto investment. Multi HODL helps traders who want to take advantage of the market movement and multiply their crypto holdings up to x30 times without having to deal with all those technical details related to crypto investing through crypto margin trading.

To get started with Multi HODL and win a Tesla through trading crypto, first, you have to install the YouHodler Crypto Wallet App on your device. Then, you can go directly to the Multi HODL section on the app and choose your desired parameters. Multi HODL offers several options of parameters, including:

Currency Pair and Price Direction

Using this parameter, you can choose your desired currency to use while you trade crypto. YouHodler also allows you to stay on the top of the market by letting you determine your preferable price direction. With price direction, you can choose between the UP and DOWN options, so you will have the opportunity to gain from both price growth and price drop!

Source of Funds and Amount

YouHodler allows you to determine the initial amount of your investment. To participate and win the opportunity to buy Tesla with Bitcoin, the minimum amount of your initial investment should be more than USD 500. For every USD 500 equivalent in the deal input, you will have one ticket for the lucky draw. So, if you open the deal for USD 1,000, you will get two tickets. If you open the deal for USD 3,000, you will get six tickets, and so on! The bigger the amount you set to open the deal, the higher the chance to win a free Tesla!


This parameter is set to determine the risk that you are willing to take. This will allow you to set your investment risk based on your own needs. You can choose between the “small profit with the minimal margin call risks” option, or “high profit with a high margin call risks” option.

Take Profit and Margin Call Levels

With Take Profit, you have full control over this process and can close all contracts manually before selling them on an exchange or selling them in chunks on secondary markets. With Margin Call, the platform will automatically close your contracts at the price of the last transaction that occurred on this particular token. It is ideal for those who do not know exactly when to take profits. Margin Call is set as the default, however, you can change it to manual through the app settings.

Trade Crypto to Win A Tesla with YouHodler

If you already trade crypto and you want to win a Tesla, or if you want to help to offset the carbon footprint of the crypto market, you should join this giveaway! Every deal with Multi HODL will offset your Bitcoin transaction carbon footprint in addition to potentially helping you win a new electric vehicle.  

The HODLers and Multi HODLers (those who also participate in giveaways) will offset their transaction carbon footprint for one year. For each transaction, the sender will receive a certificate of offsetting activity from the team. This will increase in importance as time goes on, and will be published on our website to show the carbon footprint of the community. If you want to be sure that your crypto emissions are offset by this giveaway, then participate in it. The more transactions you do, the more important your certificate of offsetting activity becomes! You can participate in this giveaway and increase your carbon footprint at the same time. 

After that, you can submit your account number on the promo page. To find your account number, you can check your profile section on the YouHodler app. By submitting your account number on the promo page, you can track and monitor your own status as well as other participants! You can see how many tickets you have earned, as well as the number of tickets that others have gained.

As a winner, you will be able to win a Tesla Model 3 or Vespa Elettrica, or Electric Mountain Bike. The Tesla Model 3 will be delivered in the countries available for delivery only. The Vespa Elettrica and Electric Mountain Bike can be ordered and delivered in the winner’s country (with a budget not more than cash alternative from point 3). Any applicable registration costs, or further taxes or duties of any nature due in the winner’s country will be the responsibility of the winner. The Tesla Model 3 can be delivered in all countries.

If you are not looking to own a Telsa Model 3 and prefer to be rewarded in stablecoins or crypto alternatives, then you can win $40,000 (USD) for Tesla Model 3; $7,800 (USD) for Vespa Elettrica; $1,850 (USD) for Electric Mountain Bike.