Game Client Gauntlet eSport Intends to Collect 600 ETH on the KickICO Platform

By May 31, 2021 No Comments

June 03, 2021 – The Gauntlet eSport gaming client, which will allow users to play their favorite games, interact with a variety of other features and receive rewards in cryptocurrency, announces the launch of an open funding round. The launch of the campaign will take place on the KickICO platform on May 31st, 2021, and the HardCap is set at 600 ETH.

“Players will be able to purchase games, accessories, and other items in the store, as well as integrate their existing desktop games into the client. Users can stream, donate, participate in esports events, create their own events, and interact with their audience beyond just live chat, ” the company explained.

You can pay for purchases within the game client using the GAUX token. In addition, the token will be used for the following purposes:

As a means of payment for the purchase of rank, items in the store, or donations to other players.

  • To pay for a monthly subscription for updates;
  • To pay rewards to players who take part in testing new games;
  • To pay for ads on the Gauntlet eSport platform;
  • To buy new games and apps for them;

“Gauntlet pays real rewards in cryptocurrency, unlike popular customers who only pay with their own coin, which can only have value in this system. GAUX will have a global value or value opportunity where it can be sold, exchanged, or donated, and can also be used to purchase items, upgrades, and more in the Gauntlet ecosystem, ” the company says.

The sale of GAUX tokens on the KickICO platform will begin on May 31st and will be available to registered users who have passed the KYC procedure.

You can buy GAUX tokens and learn more about the project here.